Friday, April 4, 2008


Why after 1.5 weeks after losing our baby, do we receive a bill in the mail for the amount of



I can think of a lot of things I would rather do with that money.


Actually have a baby to. take. home.

There is this camera that I want REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad...

And maybe throw in one of these...

Or maybe a nice down payment on this. (For hubbs.)

I wouldn't mind a bigger one of these. (They built our home, and they RAWK.)

Well, the list could go on and on and on. Laser hair removal, lipo, a week at the spa. A four wheeler, ya we've been eyeing one of them babies...

Good thing we have insurance and we won't have to pay a penny. Well, maybe a few, but not enough to warrant such desires as these.

The hospital doesn't waste any time do they?



Heather said...

I wish I could get you some of those fun items!! Sorry about the bill. . .too bad insurance doesn't cover buying presents for horrible hospital moments!!

dust and kam said...

This is the part that was hard for me. It was almost like a slap in the face to pay a huge labor and delivery bill and not take home a baby. I know that the bill had to be paid, but too bad they don't send it later. Or something. I don't know. I guess there is no way to make paying the bill easier.

Our insurance denied our claim because they said it was an abortion. I got pretty upset about that. I know that I wanted my baby. It was in no way an abortion. I went and talked to my doctor and he called them and straightened things out so it was okay. But it was still not a fun bill to pay.

Arianne said...

ya I have to agree with kamie. I remember when we got our bill after Spencer was born and how depressing it was. We still had to pay a huge chunk of our bill ( even with our insurance)

I am glad you don't have to pay th whole 8000.00. THANK GOODNESS for INSURANCE!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

$8000 holy crap! And yes, there are much better things to do with that money. Yipee for insurance!

Leisha said...

Bad, bad mail. Thank heavens for insurance but a new camera would be nice :-)

Carrie said...

$8000? Really? That's insane! I'm so glad you have a great insurance! They get moving on those bills don't they? Geesh!

I'd have to agree with you. I'd MUCH rather spend money like that on all those great things! But I'd probably add in a boob lift! LOL! Oh. And a tummy tuck! I'm not going to age "gracefully", I decided.

BTW- LOVE that picture of you below! You're gorgeous!

Ponczoch Family said...

So glad you have insurance... can you imagine the added stress you would have without it right now? And since you don't have to pay the $8000, I think you SHOULD treat yourself to something for you (OK, maybe not an $8000 something, but maybe a new pair of shoes or a massage or something).

Lace said...

This definately brings back all sorts of memories. Things I had forgotten about. Honestly I couldn't tell you how much the doctor's bills were for the d&c or any of the other bills for the other miscarriage doctor's visits and tests, just because Tony took care of them. I didn't want to see them. That sucks. Thank heaven's for insurance I guess!

moosh in indy. said...

Like I said.
They should be complimetary, or come with a side of free week at the spa.

Holly said...

i've gotten that bill too. It seems like ripping off a scab that's just starting to heal. We weren't so lucky with the insurance and we paid about $2000.