Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes life is like an Easy Bake Oven.

You spend too much money.

You work hard for hours and hours and hours.

You hope for something amazing and awesome.

You end up with something that looks amazing and awesome.

However, that something is the size of your big toenail, and you have to ask yourself,

"Was it worth it?"

The answer is probably going to be no.

But you continue onward.

You will keep pressing forward.

Because part of the fun is the hard work,

and the joy that sometimes comes.

Because one day,

you just might have a real oven,

that will bake big cupcakes.

You will remember the times of the tiny treats.

You will smile.

You will remember it is the little things in life that matter.

The little things in life are the ones that make you smile and make it all worth it.

Like pinkies and tiny tea cups to go with those toenail sized treats.

Sometimes life is like and Easy Bake Oven, or a box of chocolates, or something like that. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Sell | Utah Baby Photographer

My photography is evolving, and yet it is not, all at once. Such a contradiction.

I used to think I was a terrible photographer. My color isn't always the greatest, but after discovering I have a severe color vision deficit, (REALLY...after all these years!) I decided that wasn't always my fault and it is something I am striving to work through and repair, so editing takes me longer then it might someone else.

I sometimes get found looking at others work and then comparing my own to them. Guess what Kim? You aren't them. They are not you. They may be creating something beautiful and unique, but that does not mean that you are not creating the same thing through your lens. The difference? You see it differently then they do. Guess what else Kim? That is 100% okay because the things you do see, the moments you do capture are just as unique and beautiful and say so much about YOU. As long as you keep shooting and working at getting to be who you want to be...that is all that matters. As long as you are having fun doing it, that is all that matters.

Then, I have a session like this one, and it brings tears to my eyes and I remember...I shoot the way I do because that is how I see. Others may not love it, it may not be artsy enough, or modern enough, or pushing the edge or the limits, but is is how I see, and these moments can never be captured again...they are each precious and unique and say so much about the people in them.

There is love. So much love. You can feel it. There is happiness, a lot of it and you can feel that also. 

This is what my work is all about. This is why I will never put down the camera. These precious, fleeting moments.

Love you Evonne. I think your goal is teaching me to capture more moments in my own life. In front of and behind the camera.

Thank you for letting me capture you before the moments are gone forever.