Friday, June 29, 2012

Then there were four.

Kids that is. (Well, sort of.)

The end of March I made the mistake of going to the animal shelter for Family Home Evening (FHE for short.) My kids adore FHE or "Family Night" because it usually involves some sort of activity and treats. I mean, even I look forward to it because, well, I love treats.

If you have half a heart, even if you are like me and loathe animals, (I know I am so cruel) you will be unable to leave the animal shelter without crying. There are animals who have been over fed, under fed, beaten, and abused. There are animals that are sick, and animals that are just plain lost. I am a huge advocate of spaying and neutering, and believe strongly that if you have an animal you need to take care of it. The thing is, I just never wanted a pet. Ever.

We left that night knowing what we could do to help our local shelter, and as we went to bed that night Flavio looked over at me with a puppy dog look of his own and started talking about "That Chihuahua". Oh. My. Word. I wasn't going to admit it at the time, or EVER that -THAT- Chihuahua stole my heart as well. BLAST IT. The next days and throughout the next week Flavio went to the shelter every single day to make sure they knew he was going to adopt that dog. His life involved waiting lists and first dibs, etc. Eventually two weeks later we got the call that the dog could be ours, and that he was ready to pick up.

We brought home a very much neutered and very sleepy Tad. Camilla decided that she did not want to share him with anyone and that he was, "Mine dog!" She cried whenever she had to leave him and she wanted to hold him all day, and still does! She is very selfish with him, and Tad is very patient with her, for a very long time, until he isn't, then they both get time outs.

Here is a glimpse of their love:

This girl with her constant need for pink 'polwish'.

She shares everything with him. Even her sunglasses.

Everyone (but me...mostly) loves the dog. He has become a great addition to our family. I mean, he loves us SO much he pees on everything, poops everywhere, chews up our shoes, just like a baby, and Flavio said he didn't want anymore kids. However, just like our children did, he has stolen our hearts...well, every heart but mine. (Kind of...but I will never admit it.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choose to be Happy | Emotional Vomit

Choose to be Happy Necklace from my etsy shop The R House Couture

"So much in life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference. To do the best we can and then to choose to be happy about our circumstances, whatever they may be, can bring peace and contentment."
-Thomas S. Monson

While it is true, it is definitely the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. The past nearly two years have been full of so much up and down and turmoil, I often times find myself looking out the window, wishing to fly, wishing to breathe again wishing for nothing but a moment of solace and sweet, silent, happiness.

Creating my own happiness has been an amazing experience. I recently read a book about Stalin's occupation of Lithuania and the subsequent removal of the Lithuanian people. While the book was fiction, so much of it was written from real life experiences. My heart ached for these people, and yet the book was written from the perspective of a 15 year old girl, who knew that without the choice of happiness she would never survive. That is how it is with us in this day, in our circumstances. I have it so much better than this girl did. I have nothing to complain about. Truly I do not. So, why do I still?

Because even though we are finding happiness, circumstances still suck. I am still greatly sad. I still suffer from debilitating depression like I have had for the past two days. It is hard to overcome at times and see that the big picture may turn out differently than I see it during these dark moments.

I have been feeling angry lately. I know where anger comes from...I know what its effects are on me, on my spirit, on my body. I hate being angry. Anger is such a powerful emotion. There is so much I want to spew, but I am choosing to endure it silently, to get through it, let it wash over me like a wave and hope for a better day. I know it will subside. I know it will be gone soon, I don't want it to waste me away like I have seen it do. Life is too short, this time too precious.

Sorry for my emotional vomitous post. (Vomitous is not a word, yet I still like it.) I just need to reaffirm that I can get through this. Good things are in store. I am so very very blessed. As in, truly, seriously, blessed.

How do you remember to choose happiness when it gets hard?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weight Loss and Life

There isn't much going on over here other than weight loss and life. Life is a big huge undertaking as per usual, so I am trying not to focus on that and everything so wrong with it, but instead on the happiness my children bring me, and on making my body into the best shape it has ever been in.

I stepped on the scale this week, and well, it didn't make me too happy. In fact, I felt really bad about the number I saw. However, before stepping on the scale I made a vow to myself that I would love myself regardless, and reminded myself that I had made a huge step in the right direction. I joined our local fitness center this week, and I am back to entering my calories and exercise into myfitnesspal and I have made a personal vow to attend water aerobics every. single. day. Monday through Saturday, because I need that time for ME. I have gone every day this week. I will miss tomorrow because I am taking a personal day to enjoy some time with a dear friend and our mutual love of quilting, but I will be back on Saturday, aerobic exercising it up with my fellow water aerobic ladies. I love that I am the youngest one in the class. It makes me work hard, extra hard because I really want to look like this lady Sarah, who I met this week. I am guessing she is in her 70's and she has the most rockin' bod. Truly. When my kids are out of school Sarah and I are going to do the Eliptical together. If you know me, I hate the Eliptical, (because my feet go numb) but if Sarah can do it, so can I.

Make sure to come back here and make me accountable for my new fitness and food goals. I have a number to hit this year and I am going to hit it! As for life, I just got these photos back:

Each one makes me laugh.

I love these people. 

Like, a lot.

Happy Thursday.



Friday, June 1, 2012

Thoughts for a Friday Afternoon

I wish I would have blogged two days ago. I was having -the- best day ever. However, I find myself on this Friday afternoon tired and a wee bit sad. I don't know why. I hate feeling this way, I realize it will pass, it is just hard to realize that I can't always control how I feel. While I am still trying my best to choose to be happy, it is on days like today that it is just a little extra hard to take a deep breath and move onto the next task, when all I really want to do is run away to Hawaii. By. Myself.

However, reality sets in and I remember I have three of these little people. That girl there reminded me that I would have MUCH more fun if I took my kids to Hawaii with me (no really, she told me that when I said I wanted to run away.) Then I laughed and squished on her, and her older brother and her baby sister, then I remember how good life is. I am lucky. Truly.

I have the best kids on the planet, I am pretty certain of that. While the little one screams a lot, I don't know what I would do without her, or how about that middle child who LOVES to talk and talk and talk, or my boy who is all boy, and yet so sweet and caring and wants to always make everyone around him happy and find joy as he does. They are all so very smart and FUNNY. I think they get the funny from me. See? Another reminder that life is good. I am funny sometimes.

These people have been trying to help me stop saying bad words. They have me on a bad habit 'sticker chart'. I have been trying for 2 months, I only have one sticker which means I only went ONE day without saying a bad word. I struggle. However, I discovered that most of the bad words happen around bedtime. The jury is still out as to why on Earth the bad words start exploding at that time of day. (-Insert sarcastic grin.-)

These are the people getting me through, making me crazy, helping me to reach to be better.

These are my Friday afternoon thoughts.

My last thought? I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Truly.

Soak in some sunshine, kiss on the ones you love, hug on them just a little bit more, just a little longer. Serve someone. Eat something delicious, take a walk, forgive the dog when he poops on your floor or eats your new Merida doll. Run through a sprinkler, blow on a dandelion without the fear of spreading the seeds all over your lawn. Grab some sidewalk chalk. Spend too much money on a new charger for the Power Wheels and go nuts. I plan on doing it all.

I hope you do it too.