Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Busy

In a good way.

It is fall, and with it comes the mass of family portrait sessions (which I love and greatly missed last year while I was out on maternity leave).

I have missed shooting, the crazy business of it all. The shooting, and now developing and scanning and editing and packaging (oh I have the cutest packaging now).

I am in the midst of a rebrand with my photography business. I am very excited about the changes and the custom site I am saving up my pennies for. It will be everything I have ever dreamed about times a bajillion. I think I will feel like a big girl and a true professional once all of those things are squared away. I can't wait to show you the big unveil as it gets closer. (In four months.)

For now, stay tuned to the photography blog for some beautiful new sessions going up, and for a giveaway in another week for a print of your choosing. It will be great fun.

For now, enjoy some Polaroid beauty. (I promise I have photos of the other kids, but these are just melting me today.)



Saturday, September 25, 2010

I leave you for the weekend with this:

...may it be merry and bright.


Winner, winner!

I feel like we all just ran a marathon and are at the finish line jumping and yelling for joy! YAY Corey and JoJo. Can't wait to meet you and have a lovely photoshoot. Best wishes on your adoption journey.

congratulations to cory and jojo.

after 1,890 total votes, they are the winners of the kim orlandini photography and the r house photo shoot!

i hope all the couples are feeling loved.
after all, there was quite a bit of voting going on! you can learn more about their hope to adopt by clicking on their names below:

brian and chriss
ron and darcee
jared and devin
spencer and jessica

and a HUGE, HUGE thank you to my sensei, kim orlandini and her generosity and this amazing giveaway. you are fantastic! i love learning from you.

i asked cory and jojo to share a little bit about themselves with us so that we could get to know them better.

We are so excited that we won! We are also very thankful to so many people who posted the photo shoot on their facebook and on missionary moms and we think that's how we won.

We started dating in 2007 and were married almost a year later, on May 24th, 2008. We have been married a little over 2 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.

We love being around each other and really enjoy going to sporting events together. We both have a love for the Medical Field and Anatomy.

Cory and I both work and go to school. Cory will graduate in April with his bachelors degree in exercise science and will continue on for his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. He is a supervisor for a care giving center and takes care of mentally disabled adults. JoJo has two semesters left in her nursing program and works at a little college in American Fork, UT as a Campus Coordinator. She works closely with the teenagers and loves to be around them.

We are both are very excited to adopt and our profile will be posted on at the beginning of October. We cannot wait to be chosen by birth parents and to start our family by the miracle of adoption!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Never ending summer.

Aren't you loving this never ending summer? (At least here in Utah it is staying blissfully warm.) I like it like that. Where there is just the teensiest bit of chill in the morning and in the evening that is letting you know fall is on its way. But, it can take it's time.

Some photos from the past few weeks.

All taken on a Yashica Mat24G the SUPER close up ones were with the CRAPPIEST close up filters I have ever seen. I swear they are made of plastic or something. The film? Some OLD Kodak Portra 400NC I got from THE Ryan Muirhead. His work is should check it out. Anyway, the older film gets the more whack the color is. Hence why these look so...well, whack. But all is well, I love them all, for their plastic-lensy feel and for the subjects. I think they turned out beautifully and truly express how I am feeling these days. Like the summer, I never want these days to end.

Hope you all have a BLISSFUL weekend. I have an amazing session in the morning and then I am free to spend it with the ones I love. Hope you can too.



Monday, September 20, 2010

kim orlandini & the r house photoshoot giveaway: time to vote

mrs. r and I sat at her kitchen table this morning.

We looked at everyone's entries and finally let decide who the finalists would be.

Now it is time to vote!
Thank you to all those that entered their friends, family and friends of friends!

You are voting for a couple to be the models of a photo shoot conducted by me that gives me a teaching opportunity with mrs. r (one of my students) that focuses on posing. the winning couple will get a free photo shoot and CD of images to use however they would like--hopefully in promoting their adoption!

Here is what to do:

1) Read the nominations below and select the person you want to vote for. However, if you can't decide, I have set it up so you can vote for more than one person. I know some of you will have an impossible time choosing. you can vote for more than one person, but you can only cast your vote once. You can also cast your vote on mrs. r's blog. in the end, we will add the results together to determine the winner.

2) Instead of leaving a comment, look at the top left of my blog. You will see a poll box there entitled "Kim Orlandini Photo Shoot Contest." Vote for the couple(s) you are cheering for there. Entries in this poll and on mrs. r's blog are the only ones that count. (That means no Twitter, Facebook, text, email, or blog comment entries.)

3) Tell people about this contest and get them to vote for their/your favorites! feel free to use THIS post to explain what is going on and what you want your favorite couple to win.

In fact, here is a little something you can copy and paste and pass on:

hello! i wanted to let you know about a contest going on for one of my friends who is hoping to adopt. they are eligible to win a free photo shoot and CD of images to help with their adoption profile. please help __________ win by casting your vote on the top left corner of the r house and simply me. no need to sign in, no email required, just a quick press of a button. thanks so much!

*You can only cast your vote once at the r house and once on kim's blog, simply me.

The finalists are:
(In random order.)

Ron and Darcee

A little bit about them from the person that nominated them:

I am nominating the couple linked below. I have not met them personally but know of their story through some mutual friends. They recently experienced a failed adoption where they actually had the baby boy home with them for a few days and then the birth mom chose to parent. It has been crushing for them as you can well imagine and I pray that good things come their way. I think a photo shoot would be a great new start for them. They are a beautiful couple and I have heard such great things about them.

Spencer and Jessica

A little bit about them from the person that nominated them:

I'd like to nominate Spencer and Jessica. Jessica is a dear friend of mine. I have long, LONG looked up to her.

She sings so beautifully and is a stellar pianist. I can honestly say I NEVER saw Jessica upset, sad, or without her beautiful smile. She was always so kind to me. It seems she is one of those people you just thirst for their company, so they're surrounded by many.

Since she is just the epitome of greatness to me, I'd love to nominate her and kind of give her a little gift (through you guys) to show how wonderful she has been to me.... and help her on her adoption journey. :) I know all too well how painful and hard just waiting and waiting is, perhaps this will help her feel like she's doing something wonderful to bring baby home. :)

Chriss and Brian

A little bit about them from the person that nominated them:

Hi there! I'd like to nominate Chriss and Brian. They are wonderful sweet people. Chriss has had a hard time staying pregnant. She has had one miscarriage after another trying because she wants so much to be a mom. She has always doted on children. Brian is a favorite with my children. If my kids don't get to see them for a while, one of my children will say, "I want to see the Chriss and Brian." Chriss and Brian have been through the wringer. They have just submitted their paperwork for adoption and are holding fund-raisers for the future fees. Hope you pick them!

Devin and Jared

A little bit about them from the person that nominated them:

I want to nominate my friend Devin and her husband Jared. Devin and I
met over 7 years ago on a church history tour. We became instant
friends and later because roommates just before I got married. Devin
is just an amazing person, she has one of those warm, bubbly
personalities and love everyone. She has been an awesome love and
support to me when I needed it! She is currently in nursing school
while they patently wait to adopt. They are such a cute couple and
deserve this!

Cory and Jojo

A little bit about them from the person that nominated them:

I am so excited to nominate a couple that I think is TOTALLY deserving of the photo giveaway. And it also feels awesome to "pay it forward" after we won the last contest like this!

Anyway....I want to nominate Cory and JoJo.

They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Cory is my husband's cousin and he also served his mission in my hometown. My family, especially my little brother got to know Cory well and just think the world of him. I had a special love for Cory even before I really got to know him just because of the influence and friendship he provided my brother. Cory and JoJo anxiously awaited their second anniversary so that they could apply for adoption through LDS Family Services and just finished their home study in the last week and will finish all of their training and be approved next month. I have enjoyed sharing thoughts and feelings about the process with JoJo and she has become a great friend! I know that they will be incredibly loving and amazing parents (anyone who is around them can tell that right away!)

I personally know how stressful and overwhelming the whole adoption application process is and I can tell you that when we won a photo session it made the process so much more fun and less overwhelming. I want the same for Cory and JoJo!


Now, go get your vote on!

Full Disclosure: mrs. r (Lindsey Redfern) is a dear friend of mine. I am her photography teacher. I was not compensated for this post, but, as explained, I will be the sensei on the shoot. She is also co-owner with Leisha Kelsey and me of the r house couture.