Monday, June 29, 2009



"Now I can't scratch my blanket!"

Cuz I clipped her little nails. I guess it is her "scratch" her boo boo.

Also, sometime around Christmas, we were at church and Memms grabs a handful of bread during the Sacrament. I whisper in her little ear,

"Memms, we only take ONE piece of bread okay?"

She looks me dead in the eye:

"Don't whisper to me!"

Dood how I love her.

Friday, June 26, 2009



All week long this one has been so eager for Friday to roll around. I promised him that I would take him to the park today. So, of course when we woke up this morning and it was raining, we had to come up with another plan.

I suggested to him maybe we could go for a ride in the car, maybe see the Copper Mine (it didn't look rainy in that direction.)

As we waited for Hubbs to wake up from his much needed rest, J-Man came up with the perfect plan.

"Hey Mom! I know what we can do today!"

Me: "Oh?"

J-Man: "Ya, let's go to the MOVIES!!!"


So when Daddy woke up, we went, and we spent most of the afternoon there, and it was bliss.

I loved cuddling with my littles in front of the huge screen, eating popcorn and contraband sour watermelon candies with our Sprite and Hi-C Fruit Punch.


This last week, I am reminded once again how important my kids are to me. How important my Hubbs is to me, and that nothing else matters but them.

Grateful today for the rain.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh the mess of tears...

Just heard the news that a little friend I have never met
but through blogging passed away this morning.

So thankful for a wonderful Plan.

Love to Sadie and her family.

Please remember them in your hearts and prayers.

Thank you for helping me learn through your example:
to be a better Mother and for taking the extra time to hug my babies and let them know I love them!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some funny shee...

...laughter is the best medicine, and heaven knows I need a good dose every day.

Almost two weeks ago, I had THE most smashing time at a blogger lunch hosted by

If you aren't reading her/following her, let's do lunch and discuss why you aren't. Because seriously?
I pee myself every time I visit her blog.

Let's not even discuss the ugliness that was me this day. Yard. Sale. Need I say more?

Kristina is the bomb, plain and simple.
She has changed my life.
Sounds silly, but truly, her funny ways and stark truths have me in stitches.
Good medicine.

Anywho, got to have lunch with one of my oldies from Jr. High.
Evonne is a sweetheart, we reconnected last year through blogging and it has been SO fun to hang out with her at blogging events and the like...and lunch this time was no exception.

I introduced her to Kristina...and she is ever grateful.

If you aren't reading her blog, let me give you one reason to...remember this?

It was so great to meet so many new and amazing people and to see some of my new blogging friends again.

And the food?

Delish, it fed me for three days.


Monday, June 22, 2009


Finally digging myself out of the messy house that accumulated while I was sick. Feels SO good to be back to my old self...and not that I ENJOY cleaning, but to be able to clean my house today was a big blessing.

I love being a good wife, and a good mother.

I love feeling like I have accomplished something, even if it is something small.

I love putting away the folded laundry. (And sniffing it of course.)

I love the smell of my kitchen after I have wiped everything down with Clorox.

I love walking on the floor and not feeling crumbs.

I love walking on the freshly vacuumed carpet,
and feeling my feet actually SINK into it. Ahhh.


It is the little things.

At the beginning of June I put my kids into swimming lessons.
Something I was not able to have myself until I was 11.
I am STILL afraid of water and I am NOT a strong swimmer at all.


When the opportunity arose to have my kidlets in swimming...I jumped at the chance.

I only wish I was rich enough to keep them in ALL summer.

They love it, they adore it...and J-Man is SWIMMING...
...he is SWIMMING...Memms is not far behind.

I am amazed at the growth they have made in just three weeks.
This is our last week...and it is bitter sweet.
I am taking my camera on the last day to capture their sweet faces at the actual pool.


For now, feast on these babies...and laugh
as we do each day when we have to put on the swim caps.

When the children (mostly J-Dawg) turn into the


What is Corcunda you ask?

Well, The Hunchback of Nortre Dame of course...



Poor Jay...I laugh hysterically every morning when I put his little cap on...


One of him keeping his eyes un-Corcunda-ish.

Oh how I will miss laughing at this every morning
...what a great start to our days this has been!

Saturday, June 20, 2009










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Want $500 Dollars?

Who wouldn't right?
Well my totally cute and completely awesome friends are trying to sell their condo in
West Valley City, UT.


If you are the one to REFER someone to buy their condo the money is YOURS once the papers are signed and it is a done deal!!

$150 if you refer a Tenant/ $500 if you refer a buyer once the papers are signed.

Newly Remodeled Condo in West Valley City, Utah.
Cheaper than Rent!
2 bedrooms,
1 bath,
Kitchen Appliances included,
Hookups for Washer/Dryer,
Top level with patio,

Good area.
$800/month for Rent.
Does not Include utilities.

Email us:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the Mend...

...firstly, this eye is all better.


She banged it up pretty badly, it was bruised all underneath.
The culprit?
No...not me silly, her


Good times right?

am on the mend.

Was on my death bed Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Feeling 85% today.

My sweet doctors, both over the phone and the one I saw at the InstaCare
(they wanted me to go to the ER...what was THAT about?)
both were 90% certain I had this crazy H1N1.

I am not as convinced since I am feeling almost tip top now.
But alas, they gave me the Tamiflu and now I am great.

My concern?

103.7 degree

fever I had on Saturday night, which prompted the InstaCare visit the next day.

No one wants a boiled Millz.

So long story short,
and a blessing,
I am well.

My family?
Just as blessed.


Now for this, when I have the baby this will stop and I will cry for days I am sure. She recounts on her fingers who every member of our family is. In this top photo, that is the bottom photo...


...that is Millz.

Get it?

Have a fab week ya'll, wash your hands.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guys (and ladies) HELP!

Allison. I stole it from her bloggy blog.

See down there on my links of freaking inspiring photographers?

See Allison C. Photography?

She is the bomb dot com.

I met her last year in March when I went to Hawaii attend the
Jonathan Canlas Workshop.

Allison is super cute and WICKED
(I do mean WICKED)

She needs OUR help.

She is trying to win a scholarship to ITALY.


Vote for her video.
It is the first one in line, entitled


Pretty Please?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

J&B Bridals/Groomals













View entire event and order prints here.




So, the other night Hubbs and I are conversing about some very close friends of ours who are
struggling with some heavy stuff.

I begin to say how awful I feel, I wish I could do more than I have, and how:

"My heart is just broken!"

Memms, (age 3 years five months) who is sitting next to us watching a show on my iPod (ear phones in ears) overhears our conversation and says:

"Mom, your heart is broken because you have no money,
so you can't buy expensive stuff.
But you still can laugh."

I just want you to all remember that no matter how much your heart is aching, or how much your heart is broken, we can, and should
still laugh.

Truer. Words.

Alma 32:23

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Thoughts

This has been a great topic of conversation lately between me and some of my closest friends.

This has been me.

I felt like she was talking about my heart. WOW.

I have felt this pain, and although our prayers were answered in a different way...families are amazing, and they are forever.

Of this I am certain.

Tears. Tears.

Monday, June 8, 2009

School Daze --"And I Was a B"


James* and me circa 2000
(Not the name he goes by, I love to protect the innocent. Heart you James.)

So, do ya'll recall that time I mentioned about the TI 89 in Mr. Reynolds class?

I am here to further detail the horror that was this particular mathematics class for me. New girl, new school, knows NO ONE...sits next to amazingly cute James.

James and I became SUPER great friends.
I think in some ways James and I were in similar boats, we kind of both left a lot of our friends behind to go to a new school. James started eating lunch with me and my friend Candie.
So we got to know each other really well.

The one thing James had going for him that I didn't...
was that his sister was SUPER beautiful and SUPER popular, and also a Student Body Officer... I think that helped him transition better than I did.

Since high school is SO large and full of SO many people and different clubs and stuff, James and I mostly just talked during our Algebra class.

(I think it was Algebra...James is super smart and just graduated as a Pharmacist...see he was SUPER good at math.)

Anyway, this one particular chapter in the book was a struggle for seemingly EVERYONE in the class.

We had a test coming up and I studied for it and studied for it to no end,
as did James.

The day comes for the test and we all take it with palms sweating and our little index card full of notes.

A few days later Mr. Reynolds, lisp and all hands back the tests to each of us...and I look at my score (it was a GOOD score) and with a HUGE smile on my face turn to James to see how well he had done...

...the entire time knowing he would have it ACED and would have it down.

We concur.

Here is where it went wrong, and hell as we know it broke loose.

I did better than James did on the test.
For the first time in months...

So instead of being the sweet person I normally was, I start RUBBING in the fact that I did better than James.

Even worse, it carries over into lunch time, and my pride gets the better of me, and in front of many people, I begin to declare my smartiness over James'.

It got so bad.

James has had enough and he yells,

"YOU ARE SUCH A B****!" front of EVERYONE.
(wouldn't you have done the same thing?)

I was crushed.
Yet, I deserved it more than ANYTHING.

James and I didn't talk for months.
I don't even think we talked until the next school year.

I finally fully understood the error of my ways, and apologized for being such a biznatch.

James apologized too, and our friendship was what it was before.

I love me my James.
We are still friends to this day, albeit through facebook mostly.

That is okay, I am thankful to know such a smart and talented young man...
...and through the horror of being called a 'B' in front of many of your friends,
I learned a valuable lesson:

Pride goeth before the biznatch.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



I had the most amazing morning.

The past few weeks have been really draining on me
mentally as far as work is concerned.

I have been going through that motion of,
"Am I good enough?"
"Why am I even doing this?!"

Just the normal things I struggle with and have always struggled with
(lack of self-confidence maybe? Probably.)
I dunno.

I have been praying about it.
Heavenly Father and I are pretty tight these days.
I really mean this, with no exaggeration.

Take last night for instance.
I am on a session in Ogden, UT...the dark, dark storm clouds
are coming about a million miles an hour.
I commence praying my guts out that the downpour doesn't
happen until the session is over.

I joke with the couple,
"Don't worry, God and I a pretty tight, and it is not going to rain until we are done with our session."
45 minutes later, as I am getting ready to pose the last shot, it begins to rain.
Finish the session, get to my car, and it begins to DOWN. POUR.

Really? REALLY!
So, jokingly during the session the wife says to me,
"Could you pray for my husband? He is looking for a new job."
We both giggle. I say,
"SURE! I will tonight."
She texts me early this morning to tell me her husband got the job he wanted TODAY!
Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

Funny. But true.
I am really being silly right now, but the thing that is not silly is that my faith is strong...
and I recognize the tender mercies Father has been blessing my little family with.

...and today was no different.

I log into Facebook, and a client from 9 months ago posts this to my wall:

"So we finally have the pictures you took up on the walls here. They look AMAZING. My husband said:
"The only problem is they look like they were the pictures that came in the frames."
Last night we had the relief society presidency over to visit and the one said:
"These are probably the most emotionally charged family pictures I have ever seen."
So Thank you!
EVERYONE Loves our pictures, even if they are 9 months old :)"

Tears. This special lady had NO idea that I was struggling with my feelings and abilities, and here she was an answer to my prayer.
I cried for awhile this morning, it was so nice to hear that I have affected people with my photography.
That is what I hope to do, to capture a fleeting moment,
and make it timeless and forever.

Just wanted to share today, how thankful I am.

...and oh if you need me to pray for you, just let me know in the comments.

Kidding...well, kind of, I am just worried the lightening is going to strike.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Blogging is the Bomb

You can keep in touch with those who are far away.

You get to meet cool new people who you would have never met otherwise.

There is no better way to laugh your ace off.

The support of people all around the world for someone both you and they have never met.

To be COMPLETELY inspired.

And finally, two fold...
to reconnect with a friend from JR. HIGH! AND to win a
$100 Visa Giftcard.

Have I mentioned how much I heart blogging?

What is YOUR favorite thing about Blogging?