Monday, November 29, 2010


I hate to say that I am in a funk.
Truth is?

I am kind of in a funk.

I can tell you exactly what started it even.
The problem?

I don't really want to share why.

It is silly, it is not important to anyone but me. Still, it started this enormous wave of self-doubt, it brought back great and painful feelings of loss, and really, I would just like to forget it, jump over it, and continue onward. I am not to that point, I don't have the ability as much as I long for it. So, I am treading through, praying, hitting my knees, longing for the answer that won't come and I am heartbroken because of it all.

Deep. Breath.

Other than that? My kids are growing so fast. Can you believe how ginormous she is?

I wish she didn't feel the need to act like she is 20. She is getting so big, and so smart, and SO funny. She brings us all so much joy. I am still so amazed that her brother and sister can have so much love for her. I am so pleased with them. There has not been one single moment of jealousy toward her. She came into their lives and she was loved from the very moment. I am not sure how many parents can say the same, but the dynamic between them all has tears spilling over.

My life is good. Truly, truly, truly good. Funk and all. It is good, and I realize that, and that is what is going to get me to the other side.

How do you de-funkify?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Halloween, er uh...Thanksgiving!

So, I have had these photos for a few weeks, but with the busy season lots of things have been neglected, things like my own photos, my blog, and the dishes. (Although I don't care much about the dishes.)
This year we got to go trick or treating on Mr. J's birthday. He was super adorable in his racecar driver costume. He was so excited about wearing it, in fact he did for a few weeks before the big day. Memmy chose to be a witch again. She was a witch when she was 2. I always hope they will choose something new and exciting, but I also love for them to choose for themselves, so a witch she was. A cute and adorable witch at that. Zilly was Little Bo Peep. Oh my goodness, I just want to kiss on her all day long. That little face of hers. Gah.
We went and visited grandparents that day, and went trick or treating at the mall. Where are those photos you ask? Well, I only brought the Polaroid and my lens broke after the first photo I took. I was SO bummed but super thankful that I had taken these shots before leaving.
When we got home that night all prepped to make Jobb's cake, but he got sick...SUPER sick for a few days and we weren't able to make his 'cake' (really brownies that he chooses every year...) until a few days later.
Here he is feeling MUCH better and ready to blow out his seven candles:

Love you buddy. Hope this is one of your best years yet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winners, winners, WINNERS! selected two winners for the Palmyra, New York prints:

Commenter #18:

"Barb @ getupandplay said...

Oh, Kim, I was already mentally "shopping" as I read this post before I even saw the giveaway part!!"

Commenter # 40:

"Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

Oh Kim! So beautiful!!! Crossing my fingers and wishing on stars that I could have the stunning picture of the Sacred Grove. I love you!!"

As always, SO thankful I don't have to choose the winners. Thank goodness for random number generators.

Due to the overwhelming response to the giveaway and so many of you requesting the ability to purchase a print for yourselves, I have set up on my proofing site for you to purchase these prints and a tremendous discount.

Please visit:

And using the code: 50off Enjoy 50% off any print order from this event.

That is it! Easy as pie.

Love you all, and thank you for making this post and giveaway such a fun, fun, fun one.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Sweet Sadie!

Last April, the r house couture was part of the Oh Sweet Sadie! Art and Gift Show's Spring Show.

This holiday season we are honored to be invited again...and so was our dear friend megan from Ruby Jane Boutique. You can get a sneak peek at her stuff by clicking on her logo below.

Ruby Jane Boutique

What is Oh Sweet Sadie?

Here's the short answer: it's over 80 artisans and vendors featuring "original art work and photography, beautiful clothing for adults and children, original home decor, coveted wrapping paper, everything for baby, super cool playhouses, neck ties for your men, mineral makeup, jewelry galor, funky hair accessories, designer jeans and bags, dress ups, adorable fabric and ribbon, scrumptious baked goods, homemeade candy, games and toys for girls and boys and oh so much more!"

Three great things about Oh Sweet Sadie:

1) There is a killer opening night party.
2) They have an academy where you get to learn a new skill.
3) Most importantly it is an art show.

Featuring looks from DownEast Basics, Oopsie Daisy Boutique, as well as OSS vendors like Pear and Peony, and Bug n' Bees. MC and Stylist, Aly Brooks, will be on hand throughout the night with style demonstrations and to answer all your burning style questions (umm... is wearing yoga pants every day really that bad?). Salon 9 will be there doing holiday hair demonstrations.

Come be the first in line to purchase your Oh Sweet Sadie! treasures on Wednesday, November 10th from 6:00 - 10:00 pm. So many fun things... the band Double or Nothing will be on hand to rock the house.

Style Please is sponsoring a fashion show at 7:00 pm and again at 8:30 pm. Our Academy will also open that night with two fabulous make and take classes! Ongoing throughout the night, you can register ahead or just pop in. Lauri Cox will be teaching a beautiful Bamboo Charms and Ornaments class for $8, and Deon Thomas will instruct you how to make a hip leather cuffs for $10. Bring a friend for a HUGE discount that is applied automatically at checkout when you register together. To register or for more information visit

We still have space available in our Holiday Academy! There are so many great classes, we know it is tough to make a decision. Remember that the Academy is next Thursday and Friday night and most of the day on Saturday. (You can sneak away at night and on Saturdays, can't you?)

The best bang for your buck is the Full Academy weekend ($245.00)'ll definitely get a great return on that investment. Think of everything you can cross off of your holiday list...a better photo of the kids for the Christmas card, check. Designing your own card, check. Even a new skirt and accessories for that holiday photo, check. Beautiful, delicious treats for the neighbors, check. Gifts, cards, home decor, the list goes on and on...The Academy will be your best purchase this holiday season!

If you cannot make it for the entire time, the Mini Academy is a great bargain! 4 classes + dinner for $100, that's $25 a class. Classes are also offered a la carte for $30 each. (some classes have an additional supply charge) Our mailing list (that's you guys) can use the code 'iloveoss' at checkout for 10% off your Academy purchase!


I am pretty obsessed with the recycled book wreath. I MUST sign up for that class. Plus it is being taught by one of my favorite people, Marie, from Make and Takes.

The Holiday Show will be our best ever! We have top vendors and artisians from Utah and surrounding states. Original artwork, beautiful clothing, jewelry galore, everything for baby, home decor, games and toys for girls and boys and oh so much more! Contests started last week on the Oh Sweet Sadie blogsite, don't miss an opportunity to win something great!

When is it?

Wednesday, November 10th: Opening Night Party from 6:00--10:oo pm
Thursday & Friday, November 11th &12th: 10 am--9:00 pm
Saturday, November 13th: 10 am--6:00 pm

Where is it?

SoDa Row in Daybreak; 4563 W. Kestrel Rise Road, South Jordan, Utah

Do I get anything special if I come and see you?

Well, it is funny that you would ask that, because the girls and I came up with a fun plan! The first 5 people to mention this post, or any one of our posts will get a free pass along card holder like this one:

We will also have a bowl full of pass along cards of families that are hoping to adopt for you to fill it up with!

Lame, I don't live in Utah!

Fear not, my non-utah friends! We have a treat for you too! Here's a $5 off coupon on your next online custom order. Just mention you have this coupon and give the code! It's our special gift for National Adoption Month to all our beloved clients!

P.S. We will have Oreo cookies at our booth for free ...and a "tough cookie" jewelry box to match for only $8. You won't want to miss it.

Monday, November 8, 2010


(photo shot fuji 400h on a Nikon N80 50mm 1.4, at 1.4)

Head on over to my personal blog.
I am giving away two prints from my recent trip to Upstate New York.

Palmyra and The Hill Cumorah, Upstate New York

***Edited to add some info to help identify the photos (I tend to miss a few things when I blog at 2 a.m. Sorry guys):
Old and new. The Palmyra Temple as seen from the property of the Smith Family's farm.
Palmyra, New York Temple

Smith's log cabin.

Alvin's Tree

Replica of the box the Book of Mormon was hidden in.

Sacred Grove

Moroni Monument, Hill Cumorah, New York


Monument, other side.

(all photos shot fuji 400h on a Nikon N80, using a 50mm 1.4, at 1.4)

My brother has been BEGGING me to continue posting photos from our trip, so I thought what better time than now?

Travelling to New York City, then to Upstate New York was a fulfillment of a life long dream. I am such a history buff it isn't even funny. Combine that history love, with the love of my religion, and well, I am one happy girl.

The peace I felt in this place is indescribable. Tears come to my eyes just thinking about it. My heart longs to go back. If I could, I would live there. LIVE there I tell you. It is beautiful, peaceful, reverent. Amazing.

Very grateful I could take my sweet family there, and share such a neat experience with them. I wish you could have all gone with me. Truly.

Because I wasn't able to slip you all into my suitcase, I want two of you to be able to have a little piece of this trip to hang on your wall. SO, that means a giveaway! Leave me a comment telling me which photo is your favorite from this little post, because if you win, that photo will be yours! The two winners will get a mounted 11x14 of their favorite image from this post. (I'm sorry, I know the kids are adorable, but I won't give you a photo of them.)

Share the giveaway love with your facebook and twitter friends...I want everyone to feel the joy.

I will take comments for the giveaway until Noon MST on Sunday, November 14, 2010. I will choose two winners that evening.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Utah Museum of Natural History

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite local bloggers and friends. The Utah Museum of Natural History invited us on a tour of the construction site of their new museum.

The day started out bright and early and beautiful. It was a hard hat tour, so needless to say we donned our finest boots, safety goggles and hard hats. We all looked super stunning and fabulous. You want to know what was truly stunning though?

This museum. Breathtaking.

It sits at the foothills of the Wasatch mountains just east of the University of Utah campus. The panoramic view from this space is awe inspiring. Being a photographer, I can appreciate the beauty that my eye sees both from this building and this building itself. It is going to be amazing folks. Amazing.

I may or may not have gotten a little crush on the tour guide. I am sure he is my dad's age, but he was just so handsome and funny and sweet in that 'dad' sort of a way.

Truth be told, a few times a year I try to drag my kids out and up to the current museum. I somehow always talk myself out of it. "Parking will be a nightmare, I can't do Traxx with three kids, yada, yada...". This new museum will have none of those excuses. I am so excited to take my kids there all the time. It will be the perfect venue for my dinosaur/science loving 7 year old. They will even rent out the venue for parties and weddings. (I can't wait to photograph my first wedding there.)

The builders and planners thought of everything, from the coat check at the front door, to the Canyon Room to the walkways that lead you over the canyon. It is just beautiful. Words cannot do it justice, and even though it is a severe construction site, you can get an idea of its grandeur and beauty here.

Seriously though, construction and hard hats run in my veins. I look pretty stunning in this photo with Lindsey don't I?

Utah Museum of Natural History (Hard Hat Tour)

Emily, thank you for this hawt photo, next time tell me to stand up straight. Oh I have such a mighty hump.
P.S. If you don't read Emily's blog, you should...she is one of my most favorite people in this world.

I hope it will geek you guys up as well. Make plans to visit the grand opening, you won't regret it.

Afterward, we all were treated to lunch at the Corner Bakery. The manager was so nice and helpful when it came to ordering. I love sandwiches and always have the hardest time deciding. I went with a BBLT. Double bacon. The world is truly a better place when it comes to bacon in my face, you double that? I am a happy queen. Next time I have a sitter, I am definitely going back. Especially now that there is one by the mall...double bonus.

I am going to leave you with one last shot of myself and my lady friends in all of our glorious orange-ness. I forgot to mention the vest above. So slimming.

***Full Disclosure: I was given the amazing opportunity to see the new museum under construction and was then given a delicious meal with my friends at the Corner Bakery. I was given the opportunity to blog about this experience if I so desired, which I did desire, therefore, here you see me posting about it. I truly hope you will all visit both places in the future, to experience the awesomeness for yourself.***

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winner Winner!

The *winner of the Healthy Home Giveaway is commenter #10:

"altagirl said...
i liked on facebook :)

i have been using Pure Peppermint Oil from doterra oils. It is safe to take internally and helps kills germs!

could totally use the pur filter and goodies!

Monday, October 25, 2010 12:00:00 PM"

Thank you SO much for all of your entries. Ironically, I got my first cold of the season shortly after posting this. I think it was a sign of things to come and perhaps I need to go out and get some of these remedies. I LOVE soup...I always forget about how good it is for the body and soul. Also? The netti pot! I have never used one but always hear rave reviews. Love you all and thank you for entering and for sharing with us how you make it through the winter in health. May this season bring you all super wonderful health to you and yours.

*Winner of the giveaway was determined using

P&G Healthy Home Giveaway

So guys, do you remember back in August when I did this Blogivation post? Together, with other bloggers we helped give over 21,000 days of clean water around the world. The first thing I am going to ask you to do right now, is do it again, it is super easy, all you need to do is become a fan of Pur on facebook. That is it. They will give 10 liters of CLEAN drinking water for every new 'like' on their page.

Now is the worst time of year for getting the sickies. The weather is colder, we are staying indoors more, people are cooped up together and we are getting whammed with coughs, colds, and flus. NO. FUN. As a mother of three, and a working mother at that, I can't be out of the loop for anything, and definitely not when I am sick. I have done the Nyquil/Dayquil rounds many times when I have been ill, and I will say this, they work and have been my saving grace. I was excited when P&G contacted me to do the following giveaway, because these are products I use and believe in, and some I wish I had. :)

Let me tell you about what you will receive in this awesome prize package:

Vicks NyQuil: (Taking an over-the-counter product for nighttime multi-symptom cold relief can help you get the rest you need, a vital part to lessening the duration of your cold or flu)

PUR One-Click Faucet Mount: (Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is essential for a quick recovery and helps the immune system work properly. PUR’s new one-click installation faucet mounts make getting clean water right from your tap a breeze! It removes 99.9% of microbial cysts and reduces many other contaminants)

Vicks VapoRub: (Offers soothing Vicks Vapors to help relieve chest congestion by thinning out bothersome mucus and phlegm)

Vicks DayQuil: (Taking this non-drowsy multi-symptom relief medicine will help you power through your day. It relieves congestion, sore throat, coughing, and of course those aches and pains)

All you need to do to enter is become a fan of Pur on facebook, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me you did it. Also, give me your BEST tips and tricks on combatting the cold and flu in your house. (I told you mine, my Dayquil/Nyquil habit...also I consider sleeping it all off when my husband is home a good recipe for getting well. Now tell me yours.) That is it! No faking 'followery' no having to 'retweet' for extra entries. (But if you want to tweet it I will love you forever, just to give someone clean water for a few days...that equals rad in my book.)

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season, may we all give a preemptive strike to the germies and help those in need of our help.

Contest ends Friday at 12:00 p.m. MST. I will post the winner Friday evening.

(And if I may, while we are on the topic of being well, get your Tdap booster . Please? Do it for baby Gavin ...and for all of the other babies out there, because for some of us in this world, it isn't "just a cold". Okay? Thanks and love you.)

***Full Disclosure. I wasn't paid or given anything for writing this post, or for doing this giveaway for that matter. I feel strongly about giving clean water to people in need, and I also use the products I am giving away every single year when I am sick. I wouldn't mind however having a water filter sometime in my life, but I did not get one to write this post. I did however get to see it in action, and it is amazingly cool. That is what this post is about though, giving one away to YOU guys. Rad right?***

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hubbs Openly Mocks Me

So, the conversation went something like this:

Hubbs: "So, when are you going to post some good stuff to your blog?"

Me: "I KNOW! I just have so much to write about, and yet nothing all at once."

Hubbs: "I am so sick of your propoganda."

Me: "So am I, but it has to be done, I needed people to freaking vote for that bond, and dood, readers like free stuff."

So, to appease both sides of the masses, Hubbs and free stuff, here I am to say:

"Hubbs, I love you, I will have some good things to blog in a day or two. JUST for you. Hopefully this post will suffice, because as per our conversation earlier today, I told you I would be blogging this."

As for you, the masses:

"I hope that the occasional giveaway is fun. I honestly get asked to do a lot, and I only choose the ones I feel are awesome and beneficial. So, to honor that, and to honor National Adoption Month, and along with the r house couture , I would like to give you a $5 off coupon code good for any custom order from my etsy shop during the month of November. Think of it as an early Christmas present from me to you. We are going to be loading the shop with LOTS of fun and affordable Christmas gifts in two weeks, so watch for those."

Anyway, here is to more (amazing) propoganda, and to many more 'Hubbs' worthy posting. My heart needs it, oh I have so many posts to share...let me just say, I am getting more and more brave to share some things, and when I do, I am going to let it all out.

Happy Wednesday.