Sunday, October 25, 2009

I survived.

(The last hospital stay was WAY cooler.)

Very, very tired, and beat.

Will return soon.

Funny, after two days with my doctor,
he almost has me convinced that we should have another baby.

Thanks for all your prayers.
Just wanted to check in and let you know they are working.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today, although crazy has been a great day.

I have been going on four hours of sleep.
(Never a good thing in my opinion.)
I will happily run on so little if it means I get to snuggle this cutie pie for hours on end.

Sick. Baby.

No. Fun.

I spent the morning at my doctor's office going over my surgery tomorrow.

Then ran home to pick up baby to take her to her doctor (note both doctors are not far from each other but hecka far from my house...).

Lots of car time.

Had to take Millz to PCMC to have some labs run, because she is so little and has a fever, and a super gaggy cough. They want to know why.

Happily as of this evening when her doctor called, there is nothing too alarming.
No really anything. Strange.

P.S. Dear H1N1: I hate you H1N1.
(I won't get to see my kids for almost three days because of you! You blow.)
(Hospital policy...I am sure you all have the same thing around your area too. No visitors under 14 years!)

Off to have surgery tomorrow.

I will blog from my hospital room afterward to let you all know I survived it and that no one is getting my organs donated to them...tomorrow anyway.

Inside joke.

Huggs and loves to all!

I almost forgot!

If you want to make me SUPER happy, come to a boutique this weekend.

M'ladies will be there selling our necklaces, and debuting our new adoption related baby goodies and running shirts.

Wait, was I suppose to say that?
Well, go and see for yourself. The cat's out of the bag.


The Belle Boutique
At Magnolia Grove Reception Center
1117 west South Jordan Parkway (106th south)

Friday and Saturday
10:00-4:00 p.m.

(Totally bummed I won't see you.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Baby Laughs

Do ya wanna?

...participate in a surprise?

For the r house?

Baby G's adoption is officially finalized...
and we, her friends want to do something special for her and her sweet little family.

For details and information on how you can participate, please e-mail:

Shhh, it is a surprise, no trying to find out what it is either Lindsey, you just let us a'ight?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Why One Should Never Blog While Under the Influence"


Uhm, so I prolly should not be allowed to post EVER.

Especially not when having taken a mezcla of painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-depressants followed by a heaping amount of sleep deprivation.

Tee hee.

It wasn't until last night during my crazy dream frenzy (that I have nightly) that I dreamed I was at my aunts house going through the family pictures.
Oh ya, a month ago almost!
I. Took. Our. Extended. Family. Pictures.
We got dressed up for it and EVERYTHING!
You would think I would remember putting makeup and clothes on. Apparently it wasn't eventful enough.

I rushed down here to my computer, and much to my relief there was a family picture,
and it is actually fairly cute.
(Thanks Jill.)

I can die a happy woman.

If you are wondering what the H I am talking about, please read the previous drug induced post...and laugh, like I just did.

Lunatic. See?

Monday, October 12, 2009


being reminded of my mortality.

Take this morning, getting a re-root canal on my very infected tooth
(and bone...gross right? I really didn't need to know that much!).

I just seriously don't like to have to think that I could die, EVER.
Holy anxiety attack.

I survived the root canal, the first half anyway.

As I was working for a bit tonight, I came to the realization that our little family hasn't had ONE single photo taken of all five of us TOGETHER.
It has been almost three months...can you believe that?
I started getting all teary just thinking about it.

I have this totally UNFOUNDED fear of dying on the table next week...and leaving my family without a picture, a FAMILY picture.
I could see Millz growing up crying because there are so few pictures of ME and HER.
I just feel this overwhelming need to get our family pictures taken just in case.

I am a lunatic.
Yep, I know I am.

Just had to get it out, for some reason I feel better getting out the fact that I am a wee bit nervous.
Maybe I can convince the doc to do some lipo while he is in there?! Maybe then I will feel more excited!

For something a little more enjoyable, here is a little something I like to call,

Real Life Dawl

Who needs a baby doll when you've got the real thing?

Love these two...they are besties til the end of time.

They make me want to have a million more.


Can you even believe Sister used to look like this?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Help Bec Win a GIG! Pretty Please?

Can you guys go vote for my friend?

Pretty pretty please with sugar on top?

Vote by hitting the purple button to the left of the blue butterfly.

Click here to vote!

Bec is one of my favorite people in the entire world and was my first "REAL" friend.
Oh how I love her and oh how she deserves to win this gig.

Huggs and thank you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need Pass Along Cards, Like a Fat Kid Need Cake

e-mail me

and I will send you an address where you can send me copious amounts of
pass along cards.

I assure you they will be going all over the country...and maybe even the world.


kimsueellen [at] gmail [dot] com

Thursday, October 1, 2009


In a funk the last day or two.

Not sure why, but then again, I do know.

Having a cystic tumor removed at the end of the month.

Not sure what all will come out with it.

I have my pre-op appointment the day before the surgery.

I say surgery because of the nature of this "thing" I have to have it incised...meaning it can't be done via laparoscopy.
That I have had before. This? NO. CLUE.

Nervous about the recovery. Nervous because my husband has no time off. Nervous because it puts me out of work for the entire holiday season.

This kind of put me into a tailspin funk.
Last time I 'went under' I was so hyped up on emotion and basically I was in shock I didn't have time to THINK about it.

This time?
I have three weeks to stress and stew over it.
I knew it was coming, that isn't a surprise.
I have known for 30 some odd weeks it was coming.

I just don't want to deal with it.

Good news?
These types of tumors are usually benign.
Not worried about cancer or anything at this point.

Just the fact I am having to THINK about my womanly self in any fashion just has me reeling.

It has consumed most of my adult life.
The pain has slowly returned and leaves me angry and upset.
Part of me wishes and hopes and begs my doc to rip it all out.
The other part of me knows it is probably not for the best.
It doesn't mean I won't try to convince him otherwise.


Thank goodness for Prozac, I don't know where I would be today without it.

Thankful the parts worked well three times.
Thank you parts.
(I am aware that some people's parts don't work at all. For this reason I am thankful. But...)
...Parts...I still hate you.