Friday, May 27, 2011

Zerona Utah

I'm not sure how many of you watch Dr. Oz. I wish I had time to do so, but my mom adores him. Apparently he recently did a story on the Zerona laser. I feel lucky to be able to tell you about the Zerona laser here in Utah.

Zerona is the exciting new system for inch loss and body contouring. Zerona is the first non-invasive procedure proven to remove unwanted fat, and it does so without surgery and the attendant side effects.

Utilizing cold laser technology, the process transforms subcutaneous fat into a liquified substance that can be moved into the tissue between cells and expelled naturally from the body.

Subcutaneous fat - commonly known as cellulite - is located between the skin and the skeletal muscles. Being so close to the surface is what allows the laser to create pores in the cells and remove the emulsified fat.

Patients with excess amounts of visceral fat, which is located deeper in the body beneath the muscles, are not good candidates for the Zerona procedure, although any subcutaneous fat on the body will still respond to the Zerona process.

As always, before beginning any health treatment, patients should seek the advice of their primary care physicians.
I had the opportunity last week to meet the ladies behind Zerona Utah.

If you know me, I am the biggest skeptic. I lack trust in many things, and this was no exception. Today, I will have my fourth treatment with the Zerona, and in the past week I have lost 2" from my body (according to my measurements) and 3lbs in the last week. The laser, in conjunction with nutrition change, water intake and movement, literally changes the fat in the body. You can read more about it on the Zerona Utah site.

Treatment starts with a weigh in and measurements. Then you go through a three day detoxification in order to prepare your body to better eliminate the fat that has been 'melted' through the natural detoxification process. It went something like this:

For three days, it was a lemon, pure maple syrup, and distilled water mixture, with the herbal supplements that you see. Let me be clear, this was terrible for me. I work out very hard every single day and by the third day I was sick and had to have lunch. I did not lose any weight doing the detox, but I do believe it helped me with my cravings for chocolate and the occasional shake from the Chick Fil-a down the street. Also, any herbal supplement makes me dry heave to swallow it. This is no exception. Not sure if it is the coating on the pill itself or the thought, but it was hard for -me- to swallow. Literally. All in all, this detox got me drinking even more water than my usual load, which is never a bad thing.

So, do I think the Zerona treatments are working? I do. I am even surprising myself by this. The fat on my body is really hard. About 36 hours after a treatment I feel it goes gelatinous, and incredibly soft. This is the point I feel the need to run three miles to burn that soft fat off. :) I like this. I feel like my tummy is smaller. My goal going in was two fold, A: help me get over my weight loss plateau. (Which I officially did yesterday when I hit 30lbs of weight loss, WOOT.) and B: Shrink my tummy smaller than my boobs. Yes, yes...gross but true, and so far I think it is on its way.

I love my treatments! Synergie may be my favorite part of the treatments. I get to wear this fantastic white jumpsuit, and have what I compare to a full body massage. I am not doing it justice. Synergie helps in the look of skin, and smooths the appearance of cellulite.

Interested in learning more about Zerona?

Want to learn more? Check out this youtube video.

Julie: (801) 571-2200
Betty Jane: (801) 228-8100

Zerona® Utah is located at 11616 S State St, Draper, UT 84020
Save $1,500 with the PROMO Code: BAF ($2000 for 12 treatments instead of $3,500)
Call Julie Harward for any questions you have and to schedule a FREE Consultation.

Come back next week when I vlog you some hideous photos of me 30 lbs ago, and talk about how the Zerona is making me feel better about my new self.

**Disclaimer: Zerona Utah is providing me with 12 Zerona and Synergie treatments free of cost, and I am being compensated for my travel. However, my opinions of the treatments are my own, and my mom taught me never to lie, so the things you will read about my experience, results (or lack there of) are true.**

Monday, May 23, 2011

"You've got every right, to a beautiful life..."

-Selena Gomez

Nikon F100, 50mm 1.4 at 1.4, Kodak Portra 400 Film (Ditto to the photo below.)

I think I am ready. Even as I type this I am not so sure if I truly am ready, or just think I am.

Maybe baby steps are the best way to go. If I have learned anything in the last two months, it is that I do have the right to a beautiful life, and I can tell you this, I have never worked harder at having one than I have in the past few weeks.

A little over two months ago (two months that seem like a few millennia) I got the news that felt like a sucker punch to my gut. I have had a really hard time knowing how to share the portions of the story that are my own, because I feel it is SO important for me to A: share, because that is who I am, that is how I sort through my feelings and I have never hidden anything in my life from this blog that I could in all honesty and legality share (unless it wasn't mine to share, and in that case I haven't) and B: share because I feel that it is so important for women in my similar situation to know that they are not alone, and that no one has a seemingly 'perfect life' but everyone can and should have a beautiful one, despite the trials and punches thrown at them.

I am not certain where this will go, or how many more posts will come of it, maybe none, maybe a million, only time will tell.

So, I will do my best to share my part, and the rest all I can ask is that the other person involved can understand and love me regardless as I work through my feelings for myself and for him.

Two months ago I got some news from my husband. He had made some choices that advertently affected his wife and his children. That is all I will say on the matter as to not defame him. He is hurting dearly for his choices and mistakes, as am I. Luckily our children have come through mostly unscathed with the exception of two weeks where my little boy cried so much. He could feel the tension and stress even though he knew nothing of what was happening between his parents.

These choices made by my husband resulted in a two week separation, during which we both decided we needed to work through these trials that had come our way. I was surprised to discover that there had been a disconnect on his part for three years. I can tell you that for the past year almost, I too had the same disconnect because I was tired of 'trying'. Tired of pushing for communication, for love, for friendship. The sum of our trials compounded until we finally crumbled.

I struggle with this because three years almost to the day is when we lost our baby. I know parts of me died when that baby died. Parts of me died dealing with it, but I thought I did the best that I knew how, and apparently it wasn't enough, and it caused my husband to shut down in regards to me, and for that I am so devastated. However, I am so disappointed that he didn't have the strength or the ability to communicate with me until it turned into a nightmare. You may remember my post from February entitled "Deep". This post was written at a very dark time in my life. A time when I felt from the depths of my soul that my marriage was in trouble. I can remember with exactness the heaping sobs as I lay in the hot shower trying to will the thoughts from my body, mind and spirit. "This can't be happening." I thought. "My marriage is in trouble, Heavenly Father please, please help me!" I had zero idea at this time that anything 'huge' had happened in my marriage...and yet it seems, my spirit felt it, and knew it. I am a very religious person and I can pinpoint, almost exactly to the day when the spirit left my home. There was a darkness and a complete lack of love in my home for a period of two months. It wasn't until early March I would discover why, and with that pain and anguish and sorrow, begin to try to rebuild what my husband and I had built up for ten years.

And we have.

It has been a long eight weeks. We are seeing a marriage counselor. So many people are praying for us, fasting for us, attending the temple for us, helping us, and they have zero idea why. All most people know is that I am hurting deeply, and I am.

I am on this constant roller coaster of emotions and honestly I pray for one day of reprieve. I want off, for at least a week. I want to feel normal, and loved completely, and adored and practically worshiped. None of which is happening at the moment...but it isn't for the lack of trying.

All I know is that this time in my life is demanding tremendous amounts of patience. Most of which I feel I lack on a daily basis.

My heart is with my family, with my children, with the person I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was to be my friend, my companion, my love for eternity. I would like that to still be so. I hope he knows that, and can somehow feel the same way for me...that is my hope.

Still, I am on uncertain ground. It feels rocky, and unstable, and that frightens me. I feel very alone, and frightened. I cry a lot, sometimes I am not even sure why. I feel lots of anger. It is hard to have faith and hope when you feel angry and torn and bitter and when you are grieving. It is hard to feel positive when you lack in your spouse and in yourself to forgive and move forward.

That is all I can do for now...learn to love deeper, hold tighter, try harder, push more, dig deeper.

I have every right to a beautiful life, and one way or another I am going to find that life.

This I promise.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amber and Fernando

Contax 645, 80mm, 2.8 Kodak Portra 400 Film

View entire session and order prints here.

The Grill Deal-Rodizio Grill

I have an amazing opportunity for you while you wait for me to post my next sessions, a maternity session and another birth story. Until then, I have an amazing opportunity for you.

This Monday, May 23, 2011 Rodizio Grill is offering my readers an amazing deal on dinner at their Salt Lake City Location only. My readers can enjoy a special 4-course meal with dessert included for only $19.99/person. All you need to do is mention my blog: or my twitter id: @kimorlandini

I am sure many of you may know that my husband is from Brazil and therefore my children have rice and beans and picanha in their souls.

We heart Brazilian food and we most definitely heart Rodizio Grill.

Thank you Rodizio for providing this opportunity for my readers to have a night out on the town for a discount. (We can all use a deal now and then can't we?)

See you:

Located inside Salt Lake's historic Trolley Square Shopping Mall

600 South 700 East – 2nd Floor

Tel. 801-220-0500

*Disclaimer: I was offered to attend this special night and will be provided a free meal. However, my opinion and love of Rodizio Grill is my own.*

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Time

So, after my last post, when I thought I was ready to come back to the world of social media, when I thought I was so strong? Well, I wasn't so. I am on this roller coaster of emotion and I am not sure how I feel from one day to the next. I am sure I could figure out how many weeks and days it has been since my world turned upside down, but as more time passes, the easier it is for me to leave some of that pain behind.

Some moments I feel brave. Some moments I think I will share it all, get it all out in the open, tell it like it is, live in complete honesty...but then it is really hard to do that, especially when it involves so deeply someone you love and have admired, to have to share that maybe that person wasn't all you thought they were...or that something you did put you in the place you are in today. I feel I am getting braver, and maybe soon I will share more, but tonight, I am not so brave. Not as brave as I thought I was.

For now, I go back in time to what I thought would be the most painful thing I would endure (or at least I secretly hoped it would be the most painful thing in my life).

It has been three years. Three years ago on March 24, 2008.

Before my world recently turned into a living nightmare, I was getting ready to talk about how strong I have become and how much I have learned and grown over the past three years...and that the only thing I regret were two things:
A: Not being strong enough to see my baby, and B: Not at least asking for a photograph of the last ultrasound.

I was left with nothing but images in my mind and the constant wonder as to what life would have been like had we not lost this baby and had to have endured this trial.

All of that is beside the point now...all of it.

All of it seems almost meaningless.

Still, I have tried not to forget this tiny life that almost was, and to still hope for an eternal family so that I can be with this spirit again. I am trying little baby. I truly am trying. Each day I am trying.

For now, that is all I can do.
For now the pain is lessened and replaced by new.
However, like then?

It is not without hope.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sassy Scoops

It has been a month since I have become an official "Sassy" of the local Utah review team "Sassy Scoops".

With all of the craziness of the past 6 weeks I am a little behind, on well, most everything, and my sharing of this wonderful new adventure is one of the things I am a few days behind on. Once a month I will share with you, a few of my thoughts on the reviews for the previous month, as well as a few of my photos I took at the review. I hope you enjoy these posts and can take the time to try out each of these local Utah businesses for yourself. So far, each has been delightful and I can't wait to try more.

The first three reviews I will share, I did not participate in, but I will link you to the reviews for you to see for yourself what the other Sassies thought about the companies.

The first is Surefire Pizza. Uhm, how amazing is it that this company will come to your event and your location and cook your pizza on the spot? Delicious.

Second on the list is: Red Riding Hood's Basket. Apparently there was quite a stir between the Sassy Scoop's reviewers and loyal Red Riding Hood Basket's fans about the cookies. I wasn't there, but I am not deterred from trying out her cookies for myself, they sound like the perfect treat for one like me who is dieting like a crazy person. Mmmmm.

Thirdly, the Sassies reviewed: Yogurtland in Orem, Utah and from the sounds of this place, it is my go-to treat when I head to Orem to develop my film. Frozen yogurt has become my best friend and the price is INSANELY helps me feel less guilt in my pocket book as well. :)

Lastly, the one review I did attend and my first ever review as the newest Sassy was Frida Bistro in Salt Lake City. I found the menu a little too full of seafood for my taste, but the other non-seafood items were extremely delicious, and I especially fell in love with the potatoes that had just a wee bit of kick to them. I would definitely recommend Frida Bistro to anyone anxious to have a night out on the town with their lover, the atmosphere of this place is almost as good as the food. I will leave you with some of the fun photos I took, and hope they tempt you to make a stop here next time you are near the downtown Salt Lake City area.

Join me here next month when I recap Sassy Scoops and recap the May 2011 reviews.

**Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. However, I was treated to a delicious dinner at Frida Bistro on behalf of Frida Bistro in order to taste the food and experience the restaurant in order to review it. Delish.**