Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fat Lip

This kid likes to keep me on my toes.

My first born.

The first one to need a Life Flight ride to Primary Children's Medical Center.
The first one to ever need to an emergency dental visit twice.
The first one to need a tooth removed.
The first one to get stitches.
He is all boy.

The last week of school I got a phone call from the school office telling me my kid fell at recess and that I need to come get him.

Just try to determine over the phone just how bad the situation is.

"Mom! I fell on my face. My teeth hurt real bad."


Commence our second emergency dental visit. Luckily his big boy tooth decided to cut through his bottom lip without any permanent damage.

Oh how I love him.

Isn't he handsome?

Thanks for keeping me on my toes Jothan. I am so thankful for my boy.

 photo JothanFatLip_8_zps896649e5.jpg 
  photo JothanFatLip_7_zpsed878ee6.jpg

 photo JothanFatLip_5_zps94cf110b.jpg 
  photo JothanFatLip_6_zps3bb5db1c.jpg   photo JothanFatLip_4_zps56a9ce18.jpg

Monday, June 24, 2013

Laser Hair Removal, My Second Visit | Elase Medical Spa

Thanks for following my laser hair removal journey!

My second visit? Well, I missed it completely. I am so embarrassed to admit that I somehow, completely forgot about my visit until an hour after I was suppose to be there. (In my defense appointments are booked our 5-6 weeks in advance, but in my non-defense Elase is so wonderful they text you a reminder!)

I called Elase in near tears and professed my embarrassment and complete idiocy. I expected them to sound irritated like most places do when you miss an appointment. They were so understanding and rescheduled me right away the next morning! Before you go thinking to yourself, "Awe, they only did that because she is blogging for them!" I have to honestly admit that most of the women who work at Elase don't really know who blogs for them and who doesn't. I am not sure if this is because they want our honest opinions or not, but each and every person is completely amazing. From the front desk to the technicians and they are amazing.

Since I missed my scheduled appointment, I wasn't able to be with Mary Kate again. (Love her.) But I did get the opportunity to meet Rachel! I beautiful and kind little lady. She happens to be from Brazil just like my husband. While I felt nervous to share my lady bits with someone new, she put me at ease and we talked and laughed through the entire appointment! Thanks Rachel! I have come to adore you and look forward to seeing you when I come in for my other treatments.

This post is testament to the wonderful staff at Elase. My biggest concern when agreeing to blog for them, was that I would feel out of place in such a setting as a medical spa. That has never happened once. I feel so welcomed each time I walk through the door, and so cared for!

Thanks Elase!

Schedule your free consulatation today! 1-801-495-2737, or sign up on their website.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"He's such a Baldwin!" -Cher from Clueless | My new nephew Alec

The next best thing to becoming a mother, is becoming an auntie.

So happy for my brother Marcus and my beautiful sister in law Anna and big brother Viktor. I have never seen my brother so happy or smile quite so big in his life. It brought tears to my eyes.

Isn't Alec such a Baldwin? Love and enjoy:

 photo Alec_54_zps0e30d294.jpg

 photo Alec_55_zpsde43f0f4.jpg

 photo Alec_56_zps0f358411.jpg

   photo Alec_18_zpse87a3e06.jpg

  photo Alec_14_zps4e80ad86.jpg  photo Alec_13_zps0712e1c9.jpg
  photo Alec_12_zpsae986b0a.jpg
  photo Alec_11_zps915f00f4.jpg   photo Alec_9_zpsde89f39b.jpg 
  photo Alec_7_zps24fe33b4.jpg
  photo Alec_6_zps4f010fd9.jpg
  photo Alec_5_zpsfd9ba37d.jpg
  photo Alec_4_zps461753e8.jpg
  photo Alec_3_zpse5ea4657.jpg

 photo Alec_17_zpse7d07858.jpg

 photo Alec_15_zps8f2a18a8.jpg
 photo Alec_19_zps5cb1113d.jpg   photo Alec_2_zpsd36003e1.jpg
  photo Alec_zpsa35378b5.jpg
      photo Alec_51_zps506fbfbd.jpg 
  photo Alec_50_zpsb68b2be6.jpg  photo Alec_49_zps0b7912d5.jpg 
  photo Alec_48_zps0a0ccc4e.jpg 
  photo Alec_47_zps263dd6c4.jpg 
  photo Alec_46_zps924b0b43.jpg 
  photo Alec_45_zps321a6f4d.jpg 
  photo Alec_41_zpsf5ef36b8.jpg 
  photo Alec_40_zpsf05c34a2.jpg 
  photo Alec_39_zps7176a8d5.jpg 
  photo Alec_38_zps16165b34.jpg 
   photo Alec_36_zpsb42f1c7e.jpg 
  photo Alec_35_zps12b7f9e7.jpg 
  photo Alec_34_zpsdc385143.jpg 
  photo Alec_33_zps94c82464.jpg 
  photo Alec_32_zpsc84917fb.jpg 
  photo Alec_31_zps53e6b3f5.jpg    photo Alec_28_zps588fc8db.jpg 
  photo Alec_27_zps8e3da917.jpg 
  photo Alec_26_zpsdce9a917.jpg 
  photo Alec_25_zpsbb6dbe0b.jpg  photo Alec_24_zps8b219c19.jpg 
  photo Alec_23_zpsa67ccba0.jpg  photo Alec_22_zps24d988bc.jpg   photo Alec_20_zpsfaec2f2f.jpg