Friday, December 4, 2015

Coming Around

I have this anxiety when it comes to blogging. I think that what happened to my family nearly five years ago was so traumatizing that I felt utterly exposed in so many areas that blogging could no longer be one of them. I recently came to the realization that my kids are almost to the age where they will be online and they will read my blog and they will have questions. I want to have answers. So here I am, trying to begin again. 

This past week I have thought a lot about how grateful I am that I am still here, in this marriage, with Flavio. We were both hurt so much. It is so hard to come back from collapse and near divorce, but somehow we have managed. There has had to have been tremendous push and pull and give and take. More so than I ever imagined. 

I was able to share with my best friends this week, how good it feels to finally be on the other side. A lot of times people talk about hitting rock bottom. We are finally on the top of the mountain we had to climb in order to get out of the bottom, and we are sledding down, and happy and laughing more. 

Things are not perfect. Things are still very hard and challenging. Life is still life. But we are still doing it together. For that I am so happy.