Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Family Portraits

Loved, Loved, LOVED this session!

"Teef" and "Preto shoes like Daddy!"

Yesterday was just "one of those days" one of those days that you wouldn't necessarily repeat, and yet, one of those days that teaches you so much...that what you gain from it is so valuable, that maybe, just maybe you would repeat it to gain better understanding. This post may seem silly to some of you, yet for others it will probably cut you to the core like it has me, my emotional core and my spiritual core.

The day began as usual. I put my kids down for their naps at the usual time, and surprisingly, for the first time in a week little Jothy decided that he would take a nap. Bliss. As I had to prepare for a photo shoot that afternoon, and so I was trying to get dinner made before I left. Flavio came home early, and he was so tired he decided to take a nap on the couch. I was in the kitchen making crepes (and if you have ever made them you will know that you cannot leave them or they will burn.) Well, little Miss had woken up from her nap and she was amusing herself with a few odds and ends in the other room and then I heard giggling...from her and from Jothy. This is when the thought crossed my mind, "Oh, Jothan is awake! I need to go and give him a great big hug and tell him how much I love him." Then reality set in and knowing I would be leaving in ten minutes and I had just poured some more batter in the pan...I couldn't leave for another minute or two. Then I heard it. "Whaaaaaaaaa!" I proceeded, "Jothan, what happened?" "I hurt my mouth!" (All in Portugese.) I knew something was wrong because he answered me in Portuguese! Ahh, I ran into the living room to a boy with a bleeding mouth. Ug, blood is never a good sign. Flavio took him into the kitchen and I ran and got a washcloth. I asked him what had happened and he said he fell on the stairs. The stairs? The stairs! He tripped and did this much damage on our carpeted stairs?

Well, we called the dentist...he wasn't much of a comfort or I called ALL of the pediatric denstists I could find in the phone book until one answered the phone since all of the offices were closed. That sweet man stayed after office hours until we could get there, just so he could take a look at Jothy's mouth.

The verdict? Well, we still won't know for at least two weeks, when he goes back to see the dentist, but for now, he can't eat solid foods, he can only drink through a straw and the worst part...he can't brush his teeth (although I have tried a little.) ;) What could happen? He could lose both of them, one of them...they could turn black, they could heal...and if they heal, then there is a possibilty that they will fuse to the bone...and if that happens they may have to be surgically removed when he is older. His little teeth just look so bad, yesterday they were pushed back and down, and now one of them looks like it is barely holding on. :(

For me, during this whole time, my heart was breaking. As a mom you want to do everything in your power to protect your children from pain. I was surprisingly very calm. So much so, that when Flavio left with Jothan and I ended up having Emmaree on my photo shoot (which I should have cancelled, but just couldn't disappoint) I broke down. I broke down sobbing in the car, and later last night when I was all by myself. He is such a little trooper. This morning, I asked him how he was doing and he said (in his newly acquired lisp), "It hewrts so bad Mom! I bwoke my teef like Vovo, (his grandpa who has a chipped tooth) but the doctow is gonna fix my teef, and Heavenly Fathew is going to help them feew better and get me new teef huh Mom?!" Such innocence, such faith. His smiling face says it all. Oh how much I love this little bundle. He must be in so much pain and yet he smiles...he jokes about it with us, and he teaches us. How thankful I am for him. Even though I cannot take his pain away, I can teach him the power of prayer...the power of faith...and in turn he teaches me! Thank you Jothy!

Now, about these shoes. Yesterday amidst all of the crying and calming, I was asking Jothan if he wanted me to bring him home some ice How about chocolate milk? No. Hmm, how about some oranges? No. Okay then...what do YOU want me to get for you to make you feel better? "Preto shoes like Daddy!" Now, where he pulled this out I will never know. Preto means black...he wanted black tennis shoes like his dad! After my photo shoot I took Emmy to the store and we found these really cool Chucks...but I bought them TOO today I took them back and guess which ones Jothan chose? The black ones like Daddy. I'll have to take a picture of him in the ones that actually fit, but he loves them so much he asked to sleep in them. Hey, whatever takes his mind off of his mouth, I'm game!

Sorry for the longish post. I am recording this more for me and for dear Jothan. I hope that everyone is having a fabulous week!