Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inquiring minds...

...Get their answers, but only for a limited time! ;) First, let's start with the headbands. It is probably driving some of you mad. They are not children's headbands. Yep, they are for ADULTS. Now, my children have big heads, but not HUGE heads, but it seems that adult headbands just stay on Miss just fine. I have noticed that these faux wrap headbands stay on better than the thinner ones, and she leaves them on, when her hair is done in a clip or pony she has it out in two seconds, these stay on longer, go figure. The key to my finding ANY item is to just "stroll" through whatever section a particular item I am looking for may be. So, if I am wanting headbands, I make sure to stroll through that section of the store, ANY and every store I go to, until I find. If I find and I like I buy. This particular headband came from Gadzooks I believe. I also have the black one from " Corn. Dog." that was purchasd from Claires at the mall. We have a chocolate brown from Target, and a white one from, oh, I think Claires or a store like it. Just LOOK, take the extra three minutes to walk through the headbands and if you like, just get it, you won't regret it, (unless you don't).
Second, the key to Miss' wardrobe? I dress her like I would dress myself. If I wouldn't wear it, I don't buy it (generally). I don't know where I started this, but I think I was just drawn to the bulky sweaters, the "flare" jeans, the grown up looking shoes. I am sure in a few years I will regret her looking so old and will put tutus and pink florals on her, but for now, I love simple. How'd you know? "Simply Me", "Simply You Photography". I know I am a dork. Anyway, if you notice most of her outfits could easily be made for an adult. This particular sweater was purchased from The Old Navy Outlet for $9 almost two years ago. That is the other secret. I have a closet full of clothes on hangers just waiting to be worn. $3 Pajamas from The Children's Place I saw on sale. (I bought 30 once) but I never have to buy them again. It was an investment, but every time I look in the closet I know I won't have to buy them again, it is a good feeling. ;) So, anyway, I get things on the clearance rack that are CUTE and I save them. I will pay a few dollars more for the cute sweater and forgo the 99 cent whatnots, (Unless of course they are cute whatnots, well then, WHY NOT?)
This dress. I am sad to admit I paid full price. I had a vision. I didn't quite fulfill my vision, but it is a very beautiful dress, and I do not regret buying it. It was from Old Navy. I splurge sometimes.
Okay, the beloved Corn. Dog. shoot. Shirt: Target. It came with two shirts in one. SAWEET, I think the shirt was only $7.00, and heck for "two shirts" I was getting one for $3.50, can't get much better than that. The leggings were $3.00 at Wal-mart. WAL-MART.
Shoes. Ashlee wanted to know about shoes, Leslie wanted to know about shoes, here is the ENTIRE scoop on shoes. I treat shoes much like I treat a beautiful cream cable knit sweater with chunky buttons off the clearance rack. BUY THEM, even if they are three sizes too big. If you love them, and they are cheap, why not? Later, we will be glad we did. I am, and have never regretted it yet. These pink delights were from, get ready with a pen and paper, cause you NEED to go there. Smith's Marketplace. There are four locations in our valley that I can think of...These pink (and black) dandy's are indeed Chuck Taylor's. I got them for under $15 at Smith's Marketplace. They have great sales and coupons to boot. (No pun intended, although I am eyeing a pair for Miss for the winter.) I have found more fantastic shoes for my kids at Smith's than anywhere else. Seriously. Don't second guess yourself, if you see something you like, and the size is right (or bigger) buy it. If you don't, you can subject yourself to me and hunt them down, (but be aware you will be disappointed if you don't find them in the end.) I have sent many a ladies on goose chases after seeing a pair on Jay or Memm, and some have failed, but many times others succeed. Another great, overlooked shoe fantasy land? SEARS. YES, SEARS! 60% of my childrens shoes come from Sears. And the best thing? As of yesterday they were having some very NICE shoes (leather) on sale for $5. $5! I bought Mister 4 pairs of leather shoes...all for under $25 with tax! I have done this before, and the best part? Next year when they can wear the new size, everyone will want them and won't be able to get them, it'll drive people wild! Also, if you have some cash to burn, Journeyz Kidz is a fun place for shoes. Sometimes I find goodies at Payless, but that is hard, usually NO sizes for my kids there. If you are up at the factory stores, Stride Rite is a great place, they have a fantastic clearance table. I found Mister LEATHER shoes for under $10 and the sandals he wore ALL summer were leather and cost $11. Can't get that at Payless or even Wal-Mart nowadays. I just guessed his size and luckily I guessed right!
This outfit is pretty straight forward, love the graphic tee from The Children's Place, an early Summer steal for $5. The jeans from Old Navy, and the black chucks from Smith's.
Mister is NOT left out, he just chooses to wear what he wants these days. Boys are fun. I bought these shoes from a clearance rack at Ross (They were Stride Rites). Saved them up for a long time. The pants: Clearance rack at The Chilrens Place $4. No JOKE. The jacket, well another splurge from The Children's Place, none of your business how much it cost! ;) And the shirt underneath was a hand me down! Can't see it but it was CUTE.
Places I frequent:
The Children's Place (generally ONLY the clearance racks)
Old Navy (I stay away because I can get myself into trouble easily, but the Outlet is a good place sometimes to find last season's stuff at a discount)
TARGET, TARGET, TARGET!!! Cheap prices for REALLY cute stuff. Just stroll people, if it doesn't shout at you, don't buy it!
Wal-Mart. EVERY TIME I go, I stroll, sometimes I find great stuff, usually for Mister...nice church clothes too.
Gymboree Clearance (hardly ever, but if I have time I'll stroll)
Ebay "LOTS" if you have time to look and bid (only if I am desperate for a certain something)
Savers (Stroll, it is fun and sometimes you find great things)
And for me? Target, Maurices (where I got that black shirt), and Forever 21, and Susie's Deals (If you have never gone, call me, I'll take you. Everything is $5.99 and less. Lots of it being Forever 21 leftovers or seconds)!
My last piece of advice, and I gave it to Moosh in Indy long ago: But it will hold true for all of you, the truth is I buy 2, TWO, dos, DOIS, really cute, hip, fun, (sometimes a little more than I want to pay for) outfits for my kids for them to wear when I go see "Them" whoever you want "Them" or "They" to be. I just feel like if my kids are clean, washed, look good, then I look good and it takes the pressure off of me. Just a thought, many people have taken this advice and swear by it...try it out and let me know how it works.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coming tonight...

"The Clothing Post" A few weeks ago, Blair requested I tell where I get all the clothes for my kids, and now I have had five people ask where the headbands are from...if you have a specific question, ask it guys are so funny!

Remember him today...

Andy's having a major surgery...please remember him today, in your thoughts, in your prayers. Well wishes for all of them!

Growing up!

"Mister, SMILE!" "I can't Mom, the sun is TOO bright, mine eyes are hurting!"
Proof.Leaving now...The color is a little off on these, it may be blogger, have no idea, strange. Anyway...
Mister started preschool today. I wanted to be a good mom and document the day, this is literally as far as I got. This kid is my heart, so honest, so real, I hope he always stays that way. "Mom, can you stop taking pictures now? I want to go to school!" And he turned around and did.
I picked him up and asked him how his day went, he told me all about how they had "punch". Hmm? I asked, "Punch?" "Yeah Mom, PUNCH!" I wasn't getting it..."Like someone punched you?" He sighs, "Lemonade Mom, we had lemonade."
Too wise beyond years. The highlight of the day was when he got to use scissors. "Real scissors, tiny scissors." His world will never be the same.
My world? I didn't get emotional until the scissors part. He can't use scissors here, probably because we only have big scissors, but I realized he is getting older. No longer a baby, no longer needing me so much, that means "I" am getting older and more mature, and with that it means I can't need him as much. It is such a treasure to watch him grow, learn, and amaze me. I want so much for him. The other day he was drawing for quite some time, I asked him, "Do you want to be an artist when you grow up?" He answered immediately, "No Mom, I want to be a rocket!" Okay, maybe not too grown up yet.


Good girl, don't hug the boys back...YET!

Emm and I were a little thrown off today without Jay around. We had an appointment to teach today. Memm was so tired and a bit moody, but had fun nonetheless. She gave me this look, I didn't think that they knew how to so young. They do a lot of things I didn't know they could do so young. Go figure.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Literally, the words came right out of his mouth...

"Mom! Go take a picture of Memms!"
Nuff said.


I am in LOVE with new baby parts. Hospital sessions are one of my favorites! Stuff I don't get to do often enough, a treat for me. Congratulations Bri and Ryan!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tagged, I'm it!

Thanks to Rebecca, I got tagged, 8 weird or interesting things about me...I like to think I am not that interesting, but here goes nothing:

1. I have mentioned this before on my personal blog, but I am hard of hearing. To the point I need a hearing aide. I keep putting that off much like the need for new glasses two years ago. Things I hope to do this fall. I have managed my way around this by a combination of reading lips and listening, but if you are behind me trying to talk to me, you can almost forget it! I am really self conscience of this because when I meet new people I am often staring at their mouth, not their eyes. Hopefully I don't creep people out. Now you know, so you've been warned. Someday, I shall read your lips without having to hear bits and pieces, then you're in trouble!

2. I come from a family of 10 siblings. As follows: My older brother who is married to Anna who was born in Russia. Me, who is married to a boy from Brasil who also happens to be half Italian, go figure. Jason, a step brother who is half Filipino who died when he was a baby (our birthdays are seven months apart, we would have been tight I just know it!), Brandon, another step brother who is half Filipino, not married yet, but he may be the first to marry someone born in the same country as him...he counts for the different background part, everyone else needs to marry someone from another country, I am rooting for Italy, want to go SO bad. Anyway, then there is Dustin, another step-brother, half Filipino--he is serving a mission right now in Panama. Reese, another step-brother, serving a mission to Canada eh? Dallin another step brother, he is almost 19, not sure what he is up to nowadays, kind of miss him though...Dallin if you are out there, HOLLA! Jordan, a half brother, he is 15 and starting High School. I have tears, and cannot believe it, he plays the guitar and is growing his hair out like I told him to. I think my step-mom is letting him because I think it is cool, No? Amy, a half sister is just younger than Jordan, love her to pieces...and finally Sarah, a half sister and the baby, need I say more? SO lucky to have two moms, and two dads on top of it all. Craziness, but love it nonetheless.

3. I am in school right now studying what else? Photography. I picked up a camera for the first time, a year ago on August 29, I am celebrating by photographing a wedding, is there a better way? I think not! Before this time, I shot on Program mode (a swear word) with my grandfather's old 35mm Minolta for about 3 years. I didn't get into it much because we were so tight on money...Hubby suggested I wait until we could afford a digital. I regret waiting with all my heart...but so thankful to be shooting now, Happy Anniversary to me. Can't wait to see what the next five hold in store.

4. I love to serve and help other people in any way I can. If I could save the world, I would. Because of this, it is hard for me to say "No." I am learning that I have to, for sometimes it is a detriment to me. I love to be a friend, to help in any way that I can, I truly and honestly love others, and try my best to be the best friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and person I can be.

5. My husband and I are Hoping to Adopt.

6. I never wore jewelry until this year. I bought my first necklace a year ago. I still don't like jewelry much, but some days I need a bracelet to give me that extra "umph" and make me feel more feminine. I am pretty tomboyish, in the sense I like to wear my tees and jeans, and flip flops. On the flip side, I love nothing more than a reason to dress up in my best. I loved formal dances in school, my wedding day was no exception, I can't wait for the next excuse we have to dress up...

7. I am getting a new car tomorrow. Okay, not a new car, an old car, but new to me. I have been without a car of my own for MONTHS, very excited about this, can you tell?

8. I HATE BEING LATE, I can't stand being late. I have been late to two sessions in my photography career, both due to traffic. I turn into this raving beast if I am late...I get anxious, nervous, frustrated...and the next time? I leave twice as early. This all stems from high school when I suffered from an anxiety disorder, I would FREAK out if I was tardy for a class, literally, I would not stop at my locker, stop and talk to anyone in the hall. I wish I could go back to school medicated and without a job, I would have so many more friends!

Can you tell I am REALLY good at explaining myself? Ha! Thanks Rebecca, I want to add that I am REALLY shy. REALLY. REALLY! I am getting better at this aspect of me, and this certainly helped. Hmm, who to tag, who to tag? Let's get to know Alta, Angie, Dustin and Cassie

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We are finally back on track with our proofing site. Everyone's sessions are finally up. If your session is on on Instaproofs, and you cannot access your photographs due to a password, please e-mail me and I will get the password to you. The only reason they have a password is because I have not yet received your model release forms.

I am having a 25% off sale on prints for the newly posted sessions for two weeks. So, tell your friends and family. Thank you for choosing
Simply You Photography.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I took these...

Prayers and Support Needed!

Our friend Andy fell from the Gateway on Tuesday afternoon while at work. He is in pretty bad shape, but he is stable, alive, and fighting. I just wanted to ask everyone to remember this sweet family in your prayers.
If anyone is able and would like to donate, there is a fund set up at any US Bank under the name: Gudmundson Donation Fund. Another friend of mine is taking donations, so if you would like to help, contact me and we will make sure it gets to the bank.
We love you Ashlee and Andy! Hang in there Buddy!

Prayers and Support Needed!

Our friend Andy fell from the Gateway on Tuesday afternoon while at work. He is in pretty bad shape, but he is stable, alive, and fighting. I just wanted to ask everyone to remember this sweet family in your prayers.
If anyone is able and would like to donate, there is a fund set up at any US Bank under the name: Gudmundson Donation Fund. Another friend of mine is taking donations, so if you would like to help, contact me and we will make sure it gets to the bank.
We love you Ashlee and Andy! Hang in there Buddy!