Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guilty pleasures. Got any?

I love how reflective of my mood these photographs were today. Right down to the colors. Kind of crazy. I've really been indulging myself with some of my guilty pleasures lately. Here are a few of them: Magazines, but GOOD photography magazines particularly. I found this one and I am IN LOVE with it. The images, the layout, the design, it kicks.
Shoes. For some reason I am loving open toe heels. I hated when my mom wore them when I was little. I guess I love them because it gives me a reason to indulge in my other guilty pleasure: Pedicures.
Joico Firm Hairspray. I'm addicted thanks to my cousin Jill. She may remember back in jr. high and high school I detested the almighty hair spray. Now, I bow to it.
Again, something I thought was SO gross when I would see anyone eating it. With a hubby with it as his favorite candy, it was only a matter of time and somehow I tried one, and now we can't stop. (We can, we just don't want to.) There is something about the little package and the triangular shape that is totally awesome too.
And finally the red pear. Pretty much love them to pieces. Love the flavor, love the color, love to hold them in my hand and smell them. A bowl of these to look at, is way better than any bouquet of flowers.

What are your guilty pleasures?


dust and kam said...

My husband and I would LOVE that magazine and I bet it would have good examples for his classes! Thanks for introducing it to me!

Those are super cute shoe! I need more shoes. My husband has more shoes that I have. Sad. Just sad.

I have been looking for a good hairspray. I might have to try that too! So many good ideas! :)

I've never tried a Toblerone. Hmmm...

And I LOVE pears of any kind! YUM!

Thanks for sharing!

I LOVE so many things! Ha ha! But some of the all time favorites are: Magazine Ads, Homemade flour tortillas, Cars (more specifically Toyota, VW, Land Rover, etc.), Architecture Magazines, Art, my Husbands Art.

Just a few.

Heather said...

I love all your Guilty Pleasures!! I am going to have to get all those now, the mag(love it), the Shoes(love the nail polish too), never tried that hairspray(one of the very few I haven't tried, funny Paul Mitchell was THE hairspray when I was in school, the smell always brings me back to the musty locker rooms), Never tried a Toblerone (I will get one of those today in a dedication to you), and a red pear (totally getting a bowl of those in honor of you just to look at it!)!!

I feel so spoiled lately with all your posts!! So glad to see you are back posting, I've missed you!!

kimsueellen said...

"Ooo I like 'apple' yum, yum."

"Ooo I like chocolate! Yum yum."

Emmaree said, in reference to this post.

Holly said...

My biggest guilty pleasure is reading your blog...when I should be using valuable toddler nap time to work.

Leisha said...

These are good ones! And I have been wanting a good photog magazine. I'll have to check this one out.

Guilty pleasures...hmmm. I would have to say eclairs and lemon bars at the top of my list. Love, love, love them. And lately necklaces. Can't get enough. It would be shoes if my feet weren't so mongo! :-)

The Ashlee said...

I love this post Kim!! I think that i am going to copy? is that okay? I sure hope it is!

Love that you like shoes!! and i must agree with you-im addicted to Hairspray!!

Hope you are having a good day!

Brenley said...

My guilty pleasure at the moment is going back to bed in the morning when my son does. We don't get up until 9 or 10.

And I so would love to meet up with you when you come to Montana. But we could be moving out of state soon, so it probably won't happen, SAD!!

Calli said...

I've never had a red pear I will have to go find one to try. I've also never had a pedicure I really need to just make an appointment. where do you like to go I'm a little afraid. As to everything else I agree I like them all too. I did a guilty pleasures post a month or so ago if you havent seen it you can go check it out. It was so nice to finally meet you on Friday. We will have to get togther again soon.

Arianne said...

hum guilty pleasures? I would say anything CHOCOLATE!

A nice pedicure and that YUMMY looking pear are looking WONDERFUL to me today!!

oh and when you typed "yumm yumm" you know what I thought of???

Amy and Josh said...

I am in love with the open toe heels too, just bought a pair and try to find any excuse to wear them.

Ron and Jessica said...

I've never had or seen a red pear, but will have to try one! The other day at the store I just had to buy Nutty Bars! Sooo bad, but soooo good! Lately I have been craving crepes, so we put strawberries, whip cream and nutella on the shopping list! Guilty as charged. -Jessica

Crystalyn said...

that magazine looks awesome! where did you get it?

jealous of the cute shoes (i remember my mom wearing those too). my feet won't let me wear cute stuff like that.

Amanda said...

Love those shoes!