Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why film?

Film is something I am passionate about.
Film for me is not a fad.
It is not something I shoot because 'all the cool kids are doing it'.

Film has always been, for me, a source of magic.

It has always been a connection to something bigger than myself. Film has the ability to help us remember times gone by, and those whom we love so openly and fully, we remember them because of film. The miraculous nature by which it came about, and and of itself is magical. For me, each and every time I make an image on film, that magic comes alive for me, and I see sparkling glitter fall from the sky. Silly? Perhaps. Truthful? Certainly.

Fuji Instant Film Negative.
Shot on a Polaroid 600SE on Fuji fp3000b

When I was 15 I knew in the deepest corners of my soul that I needed to be a photographer. I don't know why, or what compelled that desire in me. Perhaps it was my grandfather. Perhaps it was his relatives who were asked to photograph Zion's National Park. Perhaps I knew at that young age that it was my destiny to capture moments that can so easily slip away. It wasn't until I was a mother, and was given the opportunity to learn and to shoot. It was on film that I learned. When the digital cameras started coming out, and were 'all the rage' I stood on the sidelines. Secretly wishing for one of those new fandangled contraptions, but still holding to my love of film. It was real, it was tangible. I was saving my pennies for a medium format film camera. That was my dream.

That year I was given a digital SLR. I loved this camera. Imagine my surprise when it was frustrating to learn to use. So different from the film I was accustomed to shooting. With time, I learned to master that digital camera although my heart still longed for film. For years I had been stalking the blog of one Jonathan Canlas. Well, I wouldn't say stalking because I left comments almost every time I went to visit his blog. It wasn't before long that I realized why I was drawn to his work. He shot film. Only film. I loved this thought. I wanted this to be me. Much to my surprise he had his first workshop in 2008. I was determined to attend that workshop. Hell or high water, I would go. And. I. Did. I wouldn't say that the workshop changed me immediately. I knew going into film that I needed to make a commitment to it. I was one of those people that had to have all or nothing. It was so deep in my soul that I knew when I left that workshop that I would one day shoot only film. Two years, almost to the day from attending that workshop, I made the switch to 100% film. I have never regretted that decision. It has forever changed me. I am lucky to call Jon one of my greatest friends. I am lucky to call him my mentor.

I get a lot of emails asking about why I shoot film, asking how they can shoot film, should they shoot film, should they just get a digital SLR. My answer to them is YES they can shoot film, and they SHOULD. Don't wait for anything. Life is short. Go and dust off that 35mm, I don't care how old that camera is. Grab a roll of film, load it and SHOOT it. "But isn't that hard?" You ask. I am here to truthfully answer. My friends, Jon has just written a book that is about to change your life:

FIND Guide

I have this book. I have devoured it already. It is beautiful, it is breathtaking, it is a work of art, and I am not lying when I tell you it will change your life if you let it. I don't care if you are a mom taking photos of her babies. I don't care if you are an empty nester. Or if you are someone who is just obsessed with capturing a moment in time never to be forgotten. If you have access to a camera, please, please pick it up and shoot something on it this year.

Jon's book was released today. It is available in PDF format for immediate download and is $149 which is still killer and worth every penny. (I spent more on one college book studying photography and didn't learn a tenth of what I have learned from Jon.) Even better? Use the coupon code "KIMO" at checkout for an additional $30 discount, bringing the price of the book down to $119.

Jon has given me the opportunity to offer this book to you. For each book that my friends and readers buy, I get a small portion of the sale, but even if I did not I would support this book, as I do now, with my entire being.

Let film change you as it has me.

Get your book HERE.

I'll send the first five people who buy it a little something special in the mail to get them started on their own film journey. Simply send me an email to: kimorlandini[at]gmail[dot]com.



Kip Beelman said...

So good.

Emily said...

I love your passion for film and love the photos that are the result of it. Beautiful work.

JaNean said...

Kim, do you know if or when this book is being released in print? I would like to get it, but I would rather have a hard copy.

kimsueellen said...

JaNean, he is going to release a limited edition of hard copy books. I will definitely share that when it happens.