Monday, July 12, 2010

Personal Work

Ilford 3200 black and white film, shot at f 5.6 on a Yashica MAT 124G.


Kjrsten said...

Oh Kim I love this last shot, with her baby thigh right there in my face, makes me want to reach into the photo and munch on it! YUMMY BABY!

Let's be new BFF's! Next time I am in Utah we will hang out for sure, what part of town do you live in. All of my family is in provo, so that is where I end up a lot. Although we are ex-Utes so we visit that part of zion too! Will you teach me how to develop and scan @ Jon's lab? I only know how to develop/enlarge old school- darkroom style. Maybe we can have a J.C. lab date and lunch after!


blair said...

you should do a side by side comparison of film vs digital, so people can see first hand why film is 1000x more delicious!