Friday, July 16, 2010

My batteries need recharging.

I feel like the stars aligned tonight as I sit at my kitchen table working, in my bare feet. It is late, and the day has been filled with screaming kids, noisy toys, and shutter releases of happy faces, dirty faces, crying faces, and sleepy faces.

Let us specifically talk about the noisy toys and the shutter releases. When I was little we did not have many toys that required batteries. I am so old I guess that it wasn't until I was almost out of the house that we started having things like hand held video games like the ancient versions of Nintendo DS and whatnot. None of which I ever had.

My mind goes to my little sisters and their Leap Pads. I am 12 and 15 years older than my sisters, so after I was married I was virtually their daycare provider for years. They would come to my house in the mornings and lug with them their Leap Pads, DS's and other various battery-operated toys. You would think it was a wise way for them to pass the time right? Well, yes and no. 99% of the time these toys were non-functioning. The batteries were dead. The reason they brought them to their big sister? They knew I would change the batteries. Even though I didn't grow up with them, I knew that Mom and Dad never changed the batteries in their toys. I mean, c'mon I understand why...batteries can be spendy, and toys can be extremely annoying, but for a kid, a toy with dead batteries is simply worthless.

So, I would change the batteries. I vowed from that day forth to always change the batteries in my children's toys.

Then I became a photographer. If I have a wedding I can go through 15+ batteries in each of my flash units in ONE DAY. Batteries are expensive, and the best brand on the market I found to run my flash units and my pocket wizards is hands down Energizer. More specifically the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries. Once I tried these babies I could never go back. I could now go through a wedding day and not have to change the batteries from my flash, and for a photographer, not having to miss a moment is priceless! So, I stocked up so that I would always have some on hand. Then, one day after my six month leave of absence after having Millz, I went to my battery stash, and it was GONE!

In six months Hubbs, J-Man, Memms, and Millz had used up all of my batteries. They were strewn all over the house. Inside of Spiderman's bumm, the baby monitor's side (because really, we can't miss that Spanish radio or the Baptist preacher that streams through it, forget about the baby screaming her guts out). Some were in the Leapster, and the various Fisher Price friends. I screamed and wanted to run all around the house, screwdriver in hand to rescue my precious batteries. Of course, in the end I sucked it up and went to the store before my wedding, all the time cursing myself for my 'always replace the batteries oath'.

So, you may ask, what do bare feet and batteries have to do with stars aligning? I came across this super cute blog...and kept nodding my head when I read this post. I need me some of these Energizer Recharge Smart Charger. I need a million of them. That way I will have enough to share.

I am headed to New York in two weeks to attend BlogHer '10. To meet other sweet, funny, kind, adorable ladies like myself, and mostly to get away from the screaming kids and noisy toys. All the while hoping to recharge ME. I want to be an Energizer Smart ChargHER!
The main reason I NEED to be the Energizer Smart ChargHER more than anything is not for the money to buy more batteries, but for the simple reason that I have no wardrobe for BlogHer '10. I have been stressing for weeks about what to wear, and the Energizer shirt sounds like the perfect option, I just hope to be chosen in time to create my matching earrings and necklace ensemble, made from recycled batteries of course.


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If anyone deserves it, it's you lady! Do I need to go and vote somewhere?

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