Friday, July 30, 2010

"I'm not your assistant!"

Monday was a busy day. I was rushing to get J-Man to his first day of school, rushing to get us all dressed and out the door so we girls could get haircuts after we dropped off J-Man.

In my rush I asked Memms to help me feed Millz. (I have always held her bottle for her, she can hold it, but it is really up to her to decide if she feels like doing so. On this particular occasion she was adamant that she wasn't going to hold it. Hence my asking Memms for help.)

The conversation went as follows:

Me: "Memms! Mama needs your help to feed Millie, will you come hold her bottle for her?"

Memms (directed toward Millz): "Zilly, I am not your assistant!"

Me: Full on laughing my guts out, and running to grab the camera as proof.

simply me,kimsueellen,kim orlandini

Don't you think the point is made even clearer by Millzies hands ABOVE HER HEAD.
GAH! The hilarity.

simply me,kimsueellen,kim orlandini

simply me,kimsueellen,kim orlandini

Love these girls. Love them. Love that even though Memms is really NOT Millz's assistant, she does it anyway because she loves her.

I hope that they are always besties.


Emily said...

That is too funny! Kind of like when my 4YO said to me in the car, "Mom, you have to do everything for us because you're our maid." Nice.

Cassie said...

Well that is fantastic. I wish someone would feed me while I chilled on the floor. Will Emms be MY assistant? Love them both!

Amy and Josh said...

Too Sweet. Love the sister thing:) it's the best!