Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So many posts swimming in my head. The last two weeks have been painfully rough as far as the big "D" (depression) is concerned. I wish it wasn't so consuming and I could get my grip easier. Some days, like the weekend, were so great, so light, I felt like I could do ANYTHING! Then it is amazing to me that the next day I don't even want to crawl out of bed. Just wishing I had been home this weekend to clean up the mess that piled up while my niece and nephews were here (an entirely different post in itself.)

Well, the past two weeks, although a roller coaster "D" wise, has been fun watching J-Man move from Kindergarten, into the next stage of his life. The big boy stage. We got to go to his school while they did a little program. (Not a 'graduation' oh thank GOODNESS!) It was super adorable. How I love him. (Please don't tell him I may or may not love him more when he is on his regime of going to school daily, and on a regular schedule, because the past two days have been terrible! I know he misses his friends and school.)

Afterward, we celebrated at McDonald's. I am 99% sure that my kids hate the food. They beg me to go regardless of this fact. They want the toys of course. I don't blame them, on either regard.

Can you believe I fixed Memms hair? Me either. It was the one and only day she let me. She hates 'ponies' and I will be the first to admit she doesn't look like Memms without her normal doo.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the happy meal is called a happy meal, but my kids look awfully upset?

  • How is your summer going?
  • What are you doing to keep your kids entertained and yourselves sane?


Kristina P. said...

Oh, Kim, I heart you. You are doing a great job with your kids.

Cassie said...

Kim! I love you. This year is the first I've felt any difference between the "school year" and "summer time." It's been weird... but good.

Alyssa always wants to go to McD's. But she doesn't even really like chicken nuggets. We go for the playland. Ew! hahaha... Miss you!

wynona said...

Your kids and photos are beautiful, as always.

And I'm with you on the big "D", though mine is the big "B" for bipolar. I know those lows so well, and I know how hard it is to even hint at them in a public way. I don't know you yet as well as I should, but I love you for your strength and your honesty.

Oh, and my kids actually like the Mickey D's food, and that scares me. Yipes!

LoveYaMissYa said...

This would be why I LOVE year round school! My EmmaLee goes back to school on Friday, not to mention Eva starts this year too... ah... I can handle 3 weeks off at a time. Oh how I don't envy you! Good Luck!

Holly Reed said...

McDonalds is smart. I think they knew if they built a playground the kids would always beg to go no matter how awful the food was. It worked.
I'm sorry to hear depression has been dragging you down. I really wish you and I lived closer so I could just come drag you out of the house for a walk now and then. Miss you.