Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rawk Your Vote!

The first time I saw this, I giggled and squee'd outloud...I still do.

I really, truly hate politics. I am thankful for those people who fully understand it, and lead and guide our country. I do my best to educate myself and make correct and right choices when choosing a candidate.

This is my third presidential election I have been able to vote in, today will Hubb's first! Holla, holla, Whoop! Whoop! Him. Remember when I blogged about him becoming a citizen? Well, today he has the remarkable opportunity and privilege to VOTE. Last night for FHE we sat down with the kids and talked about the importance of voting. How, especially in this election it seems neither choice is favorable, but it came down to the little things with us. Hubbs and I went through each candidate, each proposition and tried to come up with the best possible choice for each of us. Not that we shared the same opinion on everything, but that is what is SO wonderful about being able to vote...we have our own opinion.

I read this post this morning about the candidates views on adoption and abortion. I just want to share her thoughts about these items specifically:

"this is taken from obama's campaign site.

Supports a Woman's Right to Choose:

Barack Obama understands that abortion is a divisive issue, and respects those who disagree with him. However, he has been a consistent champion of reproductive choice and will make preserving women's rights under Roe v. Wade a priority as President. He opposes any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in that case.

Preventing Unintended Pregnancy:

Barack Obama is an original co-sponsor of legislation to expand access to contraception, health information and preventive services to help reduce unintended pregnancies. Introduced in January 2007, the Prevention First Act will increase funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education that teaches both abstinence and safe sex methods. The Act will also end insurance discrimination against contraception, improve awareness about emergency contraception, and provide compassionate assistance to rape victims.

this is taken from mccain's campaign site:

Overturning Roe v. Wade

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.

Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat.

However, the reversal of Roe v. Wade represents only one step in the long path toward ending abortion. Once the question is returned to the states, the fight for life will be one of courage and compassion - the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world and the compassion of civil society to meet her needs and those of her newborn baby. The pro-life movement has done tremendous work in building and reinforcing the infrastructure of civil society by strengthening faith-based, community, and neighborhood organizations that provide critical services to pregnant mothers in need. This work must continue and government must find new ways to empower and strengthen these armies of compassion. These important groups can help build the consensus necessary to end abortion at the state level. As John McCain has publicly noted, "At its core, abortion is a human tragedy. To effect meaningful change, we must engage the debate at a human level."

Promoting Adoption

In 1993, John McCain and his wife, Cindy, adopted a little girl from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh. She has been a blessing to the McCain family and helped make adoption advocacy a personal issue for the Senator.

The McCain family experience is not unique; millions of families have had their lives transformed by the adoption of a child. As president, motivated by his personal experience, John McCain will seek ways to promote adoption as a first option for women struggling with a crisis pregnancy. In the past, he cosponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination against families with adopted children, to provide adoption education, and to permit tax deductions for qualified adoption expenses, as well as to remove barriers to interracial and inter-ethnic adoptions. "

Thank you mrs. r for sharing your thoughts with us.

While, initially my choice for not voting for Obama was under different circumstances, (and I would have to get all political to explain it...but I hate getting political) this just further confirmed to me that I made a better choice and decision by not voting for Mr. O.

Ug...I hate politics. Did I mention that?

Now...you...go...vote...now! Pretty Please?


Holly said...

I hate politics too. One of the best parts about election day is that the campaigns are nearly over. This year has been agonizing for me too. I even read Obama's book to try to see if I could agree with him on anything (because McCain is so unappealing) and I just can't.....so...I am voting for an independent.

Lace said...

Oh my heavens! You have been posting like crazy!!! I am going to have to take the next two hours to catch up! :)

Lace said...

Also you changed your header! Cute little flowers!

Amy and Josh said...

I love that Poster:)lol. So true. I couldn't have said it Better. And I did vote-today carrying my baby in the car seat-walking in the rain. I LOVE this country and Pray that it will be kept safe with either candidate-I can only HOPE and TRUST that it will. I was debating on writing Romney in at the bottom-but of course that wouldn't have done any good. Can't wait until tonight when we'll see the outcome . . .

mrs. r said...

wow, that mrs. r is one smart lady!

zandor said...

Hi. This was like the first election I could vote in. I was 17 during the last one. I am a political science minor and at the beginning of the semester we talked kind of a lot about all these different issues. There were some people who seemed like they new everything to kow and it seemed crazy. How they understand and get it all I don't know. Anyways, since this was my first year I could vote it was the first time I really paid attention and it was really interesting. Also, This was a much longer comment then I thought I would write.

Carrie said...

LOVE that poster! Ugh! I have been sick to my stomach too Kim! My heart has been so heavy! I know there are still plenty of good people left to fight for things that are good and right! That gives me hope!

What a strong post by Mrs. R! I was just in tears over Russell M. Nelson's talk in her post on abortion. Especially where he said that there are 40 million abortions worldwide, every year! Makes me sick! So very sad indeed! Satan wants nothing more than to tear the family down and apart! What an assault on the family abortion is! I'm strengthened by the thought that we have people like Mrs. R and you, Kim, to stand up for such an amazing blessing as adoption! What a perfect alternative to the other, heartbreaking option!

I love you and admire you for your strength and courage! Your voice on adoption has already reached so many hearts! I'm so lucky to call you friend!

(Sorry, I'm so passionate about all this! As you can tell!)