Monday, November 3, 2008

Be a Superhero.

Today, I ask each of you reading this, to please link to:

Just once...or (PRETTY PLEASE) add it to your blogrolls. You never know who you may affect by such a simple act.

And maybe, just maybe someone reading YOUR blog may need to be guided to this wonderful website...someone who may be searching for a family for their little one, or maybe someone who needs to talk to someone about what they are going through.


Britney said...

I think that is a fantastic request!

Wendy said...

thanks for the reminder! I am going to go do it now so I don't forget again!! Thanks for being such a great example this month! (And it's only day 3!! Can't wait to see what the month holds!)

Lace said...

I will go link it right now in my pretty little sidebar and make it a nice little home there.