Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Day...and a Freebie!

Friends, who doesn't like a freebie?

And blog buttons?! Well, they are the NEW craze!

Who doesn't like to spread the word about adoption?

Especially their own adoption?

The wicked talented Leisha created this blog button for all of you hoping to adopt. Feel free to copy and paste it into your sidebar to link to your adoption blogs or profiles.

Interested in a custom designed adoption button?

Contact Leisha! leishakelsey[at]gmail[dot]com


dust and kam said...

Thanks Chica! (And Leisha!!)

You guys pretty much rawk.

Ashlee said...

I read your blog very frequent. I admire you and your friends. You guys have amazing strength. I also am a huge fan of your photography. Love it.

Katie said...

I grabbed one--thanks so much!

Jessica Kettle said...

What a good idea! Love this.