Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"It's a Farm."

Remember the death of the horse?

She has attached herself to a new friend, named him "Pink Piggy."
Meet Pink Piggy. In the farm.

Oh the farm? Well, it is this patch of warm light streaming through the bathroom window. You couldn't tell? Shame on you!

As I was scrubbing toilet, she was talking to me.
Memms: "I feed da piggy mone."

Me: "What?"

Memms: "Mone."

Me: "What?"

Memms: "Mone...Mone...MON--EEEEY!"

Me: "Oh! MONEY!" Gotcha.

Then she proceeds to pick up any crumb she can find to feed to the pig.

Memms: "But he doesn't have a mouth."



I have THE best job.




dust and kam said...

Seriously the cutest pictures ever!!

I love her!

She totally makes the job worth every second!!

ec said...

sorry...that was me!

Darren said...

she is a little beaut. i love her hair!

Cassie said...

Love it. Alyssa has three dogs that she feeds everyday. They reside in front of the refrigerator and eat a variety of foods such as swedish fish, salt, pepper, chocolate milk, and fruit loops. The imagination of three year old girls. Love it.

Sam and Lacey said...

I love the pictures you take they are amazing! I love your blog, I have been reading it for awhile. I love how real it is. Thanks for being so open. I love adoption. We just had a placement two weeks ago. Did I say I LOVE adoption!!!! I hope that someday things will work out for you in the adoption world. Good luck.

marci helen said...

you do have the best job!! need an assistant???

me said...

I LOVE those pictures! Total perfection. And of course i'm sure it helps that she's pretty much the cutest little girl ever!

Amy and Josh said...

So Precious. I LOVE the imagination that blooms from these precious little minds . . .

Lace said...

I love the farm! That is so cute! I was laying in bed this morning thinking just that: that I have the best job ever, my thinking was along the lines that the world can go on without me as I lay here cuddling with my sweet little ones in my nice warm bed.
Not only do you have THE best job but you have the OTHER best job with that camera in your hand being able to beautifully capture said best job.

Carlotta said...

That first pictures ROCKS! It is like the opening of a play.

Holly said...

So sweet and so cute. Mine has just fallen in love with piggie too - but mostly just likes to put money into it. Beautiful photos.

moosh in indy. said...

I see her turning into Angee at an even younger age. Heh.
So cute.

Mandee said...

Kim, she is seriously the cutest little girl ever! Love that story!

ls said...

holy cow she is DARLING. and i love that she is attached to stiff, breakable objects as opposed to the soft, furry animals other children prefer. so freaking cute.

Jessica Kettle said...

wow she is BEAUTIFUL! The food in the nostril was totally cracking me up. I am a little worried that she fell in love with another glass object- it can only end one way... poor pig. Maybe when his turn comes he can be buried next to the horse..? =)

Manda Jane Clawson said...

What darling pictures! They are so sweet :)

zandor said...

That was cute. The last picture is really adorable.

Brenda said...

You daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! And you pictures are amazing! I love what you have shared here! So simple and yet captures this sweet moment!
Being a Mom really is great....and you have been blessed with a great talent...especially handy because you are a Mom!
My girls loved this post too!
:) Brenda

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Imagination is the BEST! She needs to be Savannah's friend. =)

Christal said...

how freaking cute is she!!! love it the story and pics!!!

TheJewkzies said...

Kim, your blog is so cute!! you really take the best pictures! see ya in 2 hours for Twilight! haha i can't wait!

Carrie said...

Don't you just wish you were that cute little piggy?! Oh wait- you have it even better- YOUR HER MOMMY! You are so right on that whole job deal! Seriously! What a beautiful little girl you have!

Amanda said...

So incredibly cute!