Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Things Utah

Yo Peeps...for our adoption related post today...I ask ye Utahn's to tune into

Good Things Utah today!

Two of my favorite people in the world will be on the show, talking about ADOPTION.

mrs. r--an adoptive mother


Happy Love--a.k.a. Myra a birth mother

These ladies are THE go to people if you want to learn anything about adoption. They are my mentors and I am thankful to them for the joy and strength they have both been in my life and brought into my life.

And may even see me when they pan the "studio audience". Now, if that isn't worth watching for...what is?!


Marty said...

I love that show!

dust and kam said...

I totally just saw you!! Wooohooo!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog Kim. You are wonderful. I love all the adoption posts. Keep them coming. You are a wonderful friend and person. I admire your strenth.

Love ya

blair said...

I wish they would have let them speak more! Oh well, good good exposure! :)

Becky said...

they definitely should have let them speak more! i felt like there were so many more things that they could have done/said different on that piece to inform people a LOT more. oh well.... here's to hoping that there is way more adoption info on that show in the future!

Amber Ro said...

You are so great for your many posts on adoption-YAY!

Carrie said...

Dang it! I can't believe I missed it today! I LOVE Good Things Utah! Maybe they'll post it online? I hope you girls had fun!

Michelle said...

I saw you in the audience, Kim!!! You looked so cute! That was a great little spot on adoption, didn't you think?