Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LeGo LaNd

When I was in Chicago, I picked up some Legos for Jothan and Emmaree. I had forgotten how much I loved them when I was a little girl. My brother and I would play for hours and hours. We had the Lego Castle and the Lego Firestation. It was so fun to be able to play and imagine, but most importantly, to be able to do that with my brother.


So, it has brought me back so many years watching Jothan and Emmaree play Legos together. This afternoon we were playing Legos. Joth had built this "superhero" but he wasn't quite staying together. So, he and I worked hard to build a better superhero. Well, then of course, we have to build a monster for the superhero to save us all from. Here is the conversation that followed.


Me: "Here Joth, I finished the monster."

Joth: "Oh wow Mom! He's SUPER!"


Just like that...a little Lego magic and I get the word "super" out of him.


Even Emm got in on the action...making of course...a baby.


Emm: "It's a baaaaybeeee!"


The Ashlee said...

Totally cute!! I loved playing with legos and likin logs with my brothers. They wouldn't play barbies with me so i played legos and stuff with them. Love your cute lego pictures!!

The Lilly's said...

What an awesome mom you are to take time out of your busy day to play legos with your kids!

Anna said...

I don't think I know a kid who doesn't like legos. Vik loves playing with legos too. Kim, thank you for the sweet comments you left, you are a sweet heart. Love you bunch and I will see you on Friday morning at your grandma's house.

Arianne said...

oh I love it love all the pictures!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

I bought some lego too. I bought it for when my nieces and nephews come to visit. They love it!

Carlotta said...

D-LISH-US! Little Childrens hands are BE-U-TI-FULL! Love em in every way possible. So tender and pure. Everyone needs and Emm and Joth!

Amy and Josh said...

All I remember about legos is that my brothers spent hours on the castle and the space land set, I was always watching or sitting on the other side of the closed door since I was a "girl":)
I think that is cool you are enjoying some of your childhood memories with your kids.

Amy said...

yeah, your monsters are awesome!

(and I'm not talking about the lego ones!)