Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dood, seriously...some stuff:

The dreams? They won't quit. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!!

I could start an ENTIRE blog about the dreams I am having. Maybe I should...maybe I could make money off of them and people could theif them and make them into made for tv movies or something.

For instance, the other night, I SWEAR I was dreaming for hours. I had this dream that this birth mother Ami...yes in my dream her name was AMI with an "I" had chosen our little family. Upon meeting Ami and her incredibly well to do family, she informs me that she cannot stand my "1985" lingo...of "Dude" and she asked me to never say "Dudette" or anything from the eighties era ever again. She was really nice about it. I just felt really, really sad. Ami was six months pregnant, and we went with her to the ultrasound. She was having a boy...but for the life of me now I can't remember what we decided to name him. We went through the motions of meeting her family...etc...etc...I got the feeling that she really couldn't stand us...yet she loved us all at the same time. Then, I was awakened and who knows what happened after that.

So strange...and so funny. I am going to write them down for all of you to enjoy.

Also...WHY after I make the decision to quit photographing weddings, do I feel I just shot one of my best weddings EVER? Um, ya I hope that the bride and groom think so...cause there is some amazing stuff I've had to make myself STOP editing. LOL!

And quit already with the RUNNING compliments. I don't post for you to compliment. (Although I WILL admit that it keeps me going...because I HAVE to finish this race...because you are all counting on me to do it!) Seriously, I am a strong believer that almost anyone can do it. You just have to work up to it. It IS mental...and it sucks. I basically hate it...don't know WHY the heck I am doing it...right now it is just working for I keep at it...maybe not forever...but for now it is a part of me.


Holly said...

Maybe the pressure and stress of wedding - which I think is part of why you quit - was gone once you made the choice to quit. No stress = more creativity!

The dreams could have to do with your medicine. I am not an expert but I've heard of every kind of side effect.

Andrea Lemon said...

Dreams are interesting. Scott tells me that they are because I have unfinished things happening in my life.

Thanks for your comments on my running. I really appreciate it, especially to know you have had the same thoughts about running.

Lace said...

Hey you and your totally GNARLY 1985 lingo! The Lifetime Movie Network will be calling soon, but they'll want a name for the baby boy... and I think it would be really ironic if infact you named him "Dude."

ooooo! I'm excited to see these weddin' photos!

Amy and Josh said...

Twilight was born from a dream . . . have any good dreams Kim that you could turn into a book:)

Anonymous said...


What is your training program for funning? Will you share your secret with us?

The Gag-nears said...

oh my heck - I have totally had crazy dreams lately too! I am not kidding - they really could be made into movies. Garth just dies laughing. some are a little too graphic (like when I was a lesbo with my mom) DON'T ASK!! But others are just total stories. My subconscious is out of control!