Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

I'm always a little late. What can I say?

Our little fam went to Vernal on Thursday to go "horseback riding".

We got into Vernal at about 11 p.m. on Thursday. We all spent the night at some very interesting motel. It was very clean...but very...interesting. We woke up bright and early to catch the local parade. I sat by this lady who was a local, and it was so great to see how much small town pride she had. She knew like EVERY person in the parade, it was great.

The icky motel. It was was just...a motel. Yick.
Loved this little perfect capture.
She is TDF.
He hurt his elbow and was EXTREMELY upset. We found bandaids and all was well.
Love this photo. Definitely sums her up.
Perfection. Jothy is one cool dude.
Hubbs. He "loves" having his photo taken. NOT!
My mother-in-law who does love to have her photo taken.
All better.
We rawk in our shades.
A family photo? It has been a LONG time since we had one of those!
The fly over during the parade. Really one of the COOLEST things I have ever seen. Wow.
This just wreaks of parade. The flag, the little boy...the blue and red shades.

Then we drove around for four hours trying to find hubby's parent's "friends" place. Bah...we never we went home with no horses ridden.

It was fun nevertheless, to spend an entire day together. To be a family and not feel any stress for one day. Beautiful times.


The Lilly's said...

What a stylin' little family you have! Sounds like a great day!

Lace said...

I love the family picture! I love this little trip! How fun! Glad you guys got a little get away! The sunglasses are all awesome! I love the picture of you with and the little ones - they're all beautiful!

Amy said...

Aww, you did do something for the 4th! You have some cute kids, and I totally love the shades. (And I'm slightly jealous, but whatever ;) )

Ron and Jessica said...

It's much more fun to watch a parade instead of being in a parade isn't it?..But where's the candy?

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

You take AMAZING photos! Maybe I need to set something up for you to take Savannah's pics! =)
Your family photo is adorable, and you are absolutely gorgeous!

Happy everything said...

cute pictures Kim. I miss you gyus. When are you gyus come to visit us?

Arianne said...

looks like you had a very happy 4th!! love all the pics

Holly said...

so cute - looks like you had fun. I love the shades and little hair buns on Emms. So cute.

mommyoffour said...

I agree... hotels are just ick, especially with kids!

I love all of these pictures, your family is absolutely adorable!

Carrie said...

LOVE it! Your family is just so beauitful! Happy late 4th of JULY!!!

Barrett said...

In the background of the Joth is one cool dude picture check out Emm! It's so cute!

moosh in indy. said...

I'd say you sat next to my MIL but she's in Egypt.

Amy and Josh said...

LOVE the sunglasses!!

Andrea Lemon said...

Look at that great lookin family ...

Tim and Ashlee said...

How fun! Sometimes it's so nice just to get away for a day even if the hotel is "interesting".

Love the third photo! She's beautiful!

Christal said...

love the pictures you guys are one stylin family how cute!!! Looks like you had so much fun. Love the third picture too she looks like a little celebrity baby!! Beautiful! fun times eh!! ttys

blair said...

You know its a motel when you have floral comforters :) I'm glad you guys had fun, sans horses even! joth is going to be such a heart breaker!

Heather said...

super cute fam! Glad you had fun!

dust and kam said...

I think you have the cutest family. Ever.

I love your photos. Amazing.

I love that you went to a small town 4th. Love it.

Love the 4th. Glad you had a good time!

Anna said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Ponczoch Family said...

Love parades. Such a cute family!

Erin said...

Such a cute family. Looks like a fun day.
And where did you get her sunglasses??

Samantha said...

Oh, my. I am speechless. Speechless & breathless at all of these. Wow.