Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Worthy.


I'm feeling a little bloggily challenged.

Why do you guys come here?

What do you want to see more of?

What can I give you?

You guys want a give away?

Should I give away a Free Session--no Session Fee and an 8x10?


First things first. Leave me a comment, answer some or all of my questions and I will pick a winner at random. (Please tell me you are entering the contest though. I will only draw from those wanting to enter.)

You do not have to live in Utah. *However* you have to be in Salt Lake to have the session. If you are an out of stater and would like to participate and think you'll be in the great state of Utah within the next six months. Play along.

If you don't want to enter the contest, that is fine...but I want to know who you are! So, for two days only I will allow anonymous people to comment. My purpose in this is to see who is out there that is actually reading this. (Please be nice.) In other words: DeLurk...but for heaven's sake leave your name. Tell me where you are from, how you came upon this blog. I'd love to hear from you!

Also, ask questions, give me something to blog about. Can you tell I am feeling un-blog-worthy?


Carlotta said...

I will be the first to say you would all be IGNORANT, yes I said it, IGNORANT to not enter. To have an opportunity of a lifetime to have someone like Kim take your picture. Believe you me. I have never liked pictures of myself. She made me look WOW, can I say freaking HAWT to trot. Amen peeps. She is one of a kind. Something special about her photography. YEPPERS. Natural, real, hearfelt, unreal in every way. So D-LURK yourself peeps.

Kim you rock. This is your journal. Put what you will. I know what you mean by blog challenged. I feel like I post the same stuff. I decided, who gives. I do it for myself to remember. That's all that matters. I come here cuz u r the BEST! LOVE u friend. Glad ur who you are.

dust and kam said...

Of course I want to enter! Your pictures make me happy! That is why I come here. To get hope. To feel love. And to gain more understanding! I love, love, love watching you interact with your family and feeling the love emanating. You and your blog make this whole adoption process bearable, knowing I could have cute kids like yours and be the best mom like you are. You make me forget about the no so happy things - even when your posts are completely honest and during the hard times. I love reading your blog. I love knowing that I can relate. In the good ways, the hard ways, and the heartbreaking ways. That is pretty much all there is to it! :) (don't get too freaked out that I totally want to be like you!) ;)

And your kids are freaking cute!

Leisha said...

I guess it's time to delurk. lol I would love a session with the marvelous Miss Kimmie. Because after all, you are the best! So, count me in and if I win, it isn't rigged people! :-)

And as for the bloggity blog. . .I love your honest every day stories because then I feel normal. So share away. The good, the bad, the ugly. I love to know what you are contemplating and what you've been up to. Really you could post about anything and I would love it!

Fostervision said...

Are you kidding? Of course I want to enter...we need you to update our family photo's free anything is just BONUS!!!!(by the way, I seriously need you to update our photos..I'll be calling!!!)
And why do I keep reading your blog? Too many reasons to list, but mainly you are so awesome, and honest and real and cool and maybe some of that will rub off on me thru the blogoshere!!!!!

heather said...

Well, I wish I could enter the contest, but I'm not going to be in Salt Lake City anytime soon. But, I still want to play!

I came to your blog via Moosh in Indy. I think I clicked on one of your comments before I realized the two of you were BFF.

Here's my question: What do you LOVE about photography? What makes you excited about it?

Crystalyn said...

kim, i know exactly what you mean! been feeling a bit of "bloggers block" these days. i come cuz i like you and i think you're great. and we both love the same crazy thing.

AFRo said...

I am here. From the great state of Mississippi. I'm afraid that Salt Lake is out of the question but that picture is awesome! You obviously have talent!

Andrea Lemon said...

KIM! Please don't feel bloggily challenged. Your an amazing writer. I check your blog multiple times a day just to see if you have posted anything. (Ok ... well I check my reader, but still the same thing.)

I read your blog because you've touched my heart. I think you are one of the coolest persons around. It pains me that we didn't stay in touch after high school ... or even during high school. Do you remember that picture we had taken of us at like our Senior Prom or something like that? I kept that picture with me forever. I'm sure I still have it in my picture box. But that moved with me in a frame for years!

I come here to see what is going on with you and your life, and your cute and amazing family. To see that maybe someone else in this world is actually thinking the same thoughts that I am. I come here for comfort and love and laughter. I come here for inspiration. I love your pictures. They give me so many wonderful ideas of really amazing pictures I could possibly take one day.

I want to see more of your pictures. I want to read more of your thoughts.

I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway, but not to win. It would be just to see you guys. (Maybe that is what we should do, You should do a session with my family and then we can have a play date with your family.) Sam saw pictures of Joth and he wants to have a playdate with him.

Keep on writing and if for now this is all of my friend from Jr. High that I get, then I am happy with that. I'm just glad she is somewhat back in my life.

Alicia said...

I stumbled upon Moosh in Indy's blog and that's how I found you. I love reading about all your trials and tribulations. Seeing how you work through things gives me inspiration that I too can get through anything. I also love seeing pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing!!!
~Alicia in Missouri

Arianne said...

wow look at all these comments already! YOU ROCK KIMMIE, that is why I come here and read your blog and about your crazy life! I love how you but things into prospective. You are an amazing woman!

as for a FREE session you know me I am ALL ABOUT FREE!! :) pick me pick me! ha ha. Plus I LOVE YOUR WORK!!

love your blog love you!

Amanda said...

I am in why do I come here? Because it is nice to see that not everyone writes about their "wonderful" lives. You are REAL! You have real emotions, with real problems and real solutions. you also have more ways than photography. There are 100 people out there who read your blogs and your put into words what they are feeling.

Evans Mom said...

Kim, I would DIE to have a session with you! Too bad I live so far away in Canada!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your photography of your kids. I love your style! I'm a novice myself, just learning the basics. Sadly, I still use auto focus and then pretty it up in Photoshop [cuz I'm a wizard there]. If you're looking for blog inspiration, how about posting your fav, photos, and then telling us how you achieved it? That would make me Tres Happy!!!!!!!

I found you when I was posting my adoption blog [thanks for adding my link BTW-got lots of hits from you]. I was doing searches on adoption, seeing if mine would come up, and I found yours. I stayed for the photos, and your witty commentary. Then you sucked me in with your potential adoption, and I've been reading you every day since. Part of my morning routine!

You ARE worthy.....of so much......

Angela said...

I'll enter! I know at least once friend who'd love to be given this in my place.

I am a fan of daily life, kid anecdotes and pictures, whatever you think of.

Shannon said...

Kim, you know who I am, but I come here because I love your pictures. I love reading your thoughts on life. I think you are a really cool person. So thoughtful, inspiring, talented, funny...the list goes on! I am amazed at all the friends you have. Really! Evey time I turn around there is someone else I know that knows you! You are very loved.

I am in true need of a family portrait so I will enter your little contest. But not just because I would love you to take my pictures, but because I feel it is time that you know how amazing I think you are! (It's been a long time since I have left a comment.) You are awesome Kim! Keep up the blogging - whatever it is, I still love it just the same!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I so want to enter to win! =) If I don't win I still want to book a session to take some pics of Van, and maybe some Mommy/Daughter one's too!

You are an amazing blogger! I admire people like yourself that can write. My all time fav post is that elevator story!! I seriously was laughing until I cried. I think that it is great that you share stories that make you a "real" person!

Keep on bloggin' whatever you want! You are WoNdERfUL!


Ponczoch Family said...

OK, did you really have to do this right after I left the USA? I'm so sad. I honestly love reading your blog & looking at your amazing pictures. Your writing is so honest and clear that I feel I know you so much more than the one time we met and the few emails we've exchanged. Hopefully you do another giveaway next year before my vacation... and that I win:).

Anonymous said...

Carlykins... did you really just use the word "ignorant" in that context?

blair said...

(i'm not entering! because i'm going to hire you evennnntually anyways...) but i think that is one of the greatest pictures i have seen. and you should mentor blair.
the end :)

Kim said...

Ok, I'm stepping out and delurking.

Though I would love to enter the contest because I think your a fabulous photographer, I'm out in Tennessee and have no plans to travel to Utah anytime in the near future. I came upon your site through Moosh in Indy, who I found through Archives of our Lives...and crap I can't really remember how I got that far.

I enjoy stopping by now and then and checking out your photos :-)


ls said...

I came across your blog from a comment you left on Lilli's blog. Lilli is my sister-in-law's best friend and a friend of mine, as well. I started reading about the time that you had your miscarriage and I was touched by your story and have come back now and then to keep posted. I appreciate your honesty and I am so impressed with your humility.

I'd love to be in the contest-- we haven't had a real family picture taken since before my baby was born (and he just turned one two days ago).

Katy & Mike said...

Hi Kim,

You already know me, and I don't need to enter the contest because I was lucky enough to marry another amazing photographer (but I still absolutely LOVE your pictures). I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog purely because I love your honesty about life!! It's beautiful, and refreshing, and as long as you're writing I'll keep reading!!

Katy Blommer (Merrell)

P.S. Thanks for the huge score at your garage sales on all the baby stuff!

Heather said...

OH kim, I come to your blog because I love you, I love your pictures, I love how both show the honesty of your heart. It reminds me of the good old days in art class. It makes me see that I am not alone in my plight as a mother. The way you describe things makes me happy. So, yes, I would love to enter, not just for the pics, but to get to see you again!

Love ya!

Amy said...

Honey, I love reading your blog! I like getting to know you better and I like seeing your gorgeous pics and gorgeous kids! And free is totally in my budget for family pictures!

Really, I stalk your blog a couple times each day!

mikelle said...

Hi Kim! I'm Mikelle! I found your blog through (my brother) Lance and Adri Soffe when you took Emery's pictures back in April, and I've been hooked ever since! I love all your sweet stories about family, adoption, love and life. You are an amazing writer and photographer. I'm an avid "lurker" on your photography blog as well. I secretly want to be a photographer and your work is really inspiring.

I would LOVE to be entered to win a free session! That would be unbelievable. (I wish I would have known about you for my wedding pictures.) I don't live in Utah, but I'll definitely be there within the next six months. Thanks!

me said...

Once again you make me so sad i'm up here in Canada!!!! I love coming here cause you're always so upfront and honest. You write pretty much exactly what you're feeling, and i LOVE that! And really, you have the cutest kids ever! So i love to see them too!

Holladay Family said...

We would love to "win!" I like to see your pure, un-filtered honesty. You are talented, beautiful, and taking on both motherhood and a career. I love reading your thoughts on family. I'm patiently waiting until you get that birth mother you deserve to join your forever family and the baby your family needs to fulfill its destiny. Your family is the perfect one for a baby to come home to. Every time I see a pregnant young girl, I think of you.

Barrett said...

Who can pass up free stuff! Maybe I am cheap but you are great and I would love for Boo to get her 4 year old pictures from you... I love to see your pictures and see how much the kids are growing up. You have such a cute family!

Shan said...

You don't have to enter me into your contest, but I just want you to know that I come to your blog becuase I love you and your adorable family, and I really respect how you have handled all the *stuff* you have been dealt. You are an amazing person,friend, mother, photographer, and everything else :) love ya kim

Cindy said...

Ok, I guess I'm outing myself. I've been a lurker for a little while now. I found your blog through my friend Amanda. We also have 2 kids and really want more but have had infertility problems. We are going through the process of becoming licensed to do foster care and hope to end up adopting through that. Amanda suggested I look at your blog because you've done foster care too. I don't know anyone in real life who has done it so it's a little scary.

I like to read your blog because you are so honest in your writing (and very funny at times too). I like that you write about the good AND bad. And I think we're both going through some similar situations and it's interesting to hear someone else write about their experiences.

I would love to enter your contest. We could really use some new family pictures! And I think you are an amazing photographer!

nicole said...

Hi Kim,

I found your blog through the moosh, and I started reading early this spring. I actually miscarried about a month before you lost your peanut, and I think your posts about that and adoption were really theraputic for me...just to know I wasn't alone in my feelings. I still haven't posted about mine, and I'm not sure I will. But I appreciated your posts. Your little ones are adorable, and after some fertility problems before, we do have a little girl about the age of your Emm.

Anyway, I'd love to enter but can't guarantee we'd be in Utah in the next 6 months. Definitely in the next year but maybe not 6 months.

April Greener said...

First of all to deLurk myself...I started reading your blog after I read The R House blog-I am also a lurk on that page :)

Why do I read?
Because blogging is a small passion of mine, and I find the adoption stories very compelling. Everyday I hope and pray that each of you will find the little children that are meant to be in your families. I also like looking at your pictures.

I also read because seeing other peoples 'stories' has made be a better person. I've changed because of some of the things I have learned from other people's blogs.

What would I like to see more of? Hmmm-whatever you write I like to read it! So nothing.

Also, about that giveaway... of course I would like to enter and you should know that I just so happen to have two of the cutest, most photogenic children in the world. I also live in Utah, very close to Salt Lake so it would be very convienent :)

Can't wait to see who wins!
Keep Blogging-you are worthy!! :)


Trina said...

Ooo, Ooo, pick me :).

I read your blog because I love to keep up on what is happening in your life. I love to see pictures...always. You have long been an inspiration to me; you are an incredible woman (seriously). I would love to learn more about your amazing mommy/organization skills (like the yummy laundry, the toy rotation, etc.). Maybe a "101 in a 1001" post? It would allow you to update us as you accomplish the goals.

ec said...

you don't have to enter me, because (i'm nearly crying) i live so stinkin' far away, but i wish. love your work. i just might be your biggest fan.

i'm with trina ... more about your organization skillz and the like. i'm all over that kinda stuff.

love ya girl.

Wendy said...

Kim - of course I want to enter your contest, either way once these lovely spots clear up we need pictures taken! Maybe by the time they clear up we can convince this stinker that he can stand (maybe even walk).

I love your honestly on your blog, I love hearing about your daily life, I love that you are willing to share the good with the bad, that's life. I think the last few years have made me appreciate that there are others who have these same trials and we can learn and grow from others, so keep helping me to grow!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Im delurking! I also lurk on mooshinindy's page, thats how i found you. I think you are such a great photographer, i love seeing your pictures. Plus your kids are ADORABLE. If i lived in Utah i would definitely have you shoot my wedding in May, but unfortunately im in New Jersey.

I started reading your blog a few months ago. I check back every so often to catch up. Not sure why exactly, i just think you have a very delightful family, and like i said, your pictures are awesome.

Keep up the good work!!

- Jen

Christal said...

I love your blog!!AND I want to enter cause I'll be in provo/slc this month the 28-30th so what the heck eh!!! Your photos are so awesome you are amazing and you inspire me. You've been through alot lately and I just love reading your blog, love looking at your amazing photography and would love to meet you someday!! I am pretty sure I found your blog through Erin!
As for ideas to blog about I think you are doing great!!! We all just love you! Keep it up you are the best!!!

Emily said...

I'll be in SLC this summer, so I'd like to enter. :) I love reading your blog because you are honest about the good and difficult things in life. I appreciate that you are willing to open up as a way to help others who are experiencing what you are. I visit to see your beautiful family and to read about your latest adventures. I come to admire your photography (which I love!). I read to enjoy your articulate writing and your cute phrases. I enjoy seeing what you are passionate about and what you are involved in (such as the monster garage sale). And I think you are pretty so it's fun to see the occasional photo of you. :)
I hope I win!

Amy and Josh said...

I knew you before you blogged, but really got the chance to learn so much about you when I started reading about a year ago, and I thought to myself . . . why didn't I know this about Kim before and what a loser of a friend I was since it took me a year or so to even look at your blog since I didn't know what the amazing world blogging was until then. . . It is so fun to get into your mind and learn how you see the world and to know that the amazing Kim-I look up to so much-struggles and has dreams too and has "those" moments like me. Yours is the first blog I check when I sit down, cause I can't wait to see what comes next. It is so fun to see you succeed and take chances. Seeing your passion for photography made me look at myself and ask me that scary question of what I want to do and how do I want to throw myself out there into the world-and that is when I thought of my passion for writing, and that is what I am trying to do. Hopefully that made sense Kim, but I'll enter your little give away:)

moosh in indy. said...

Um, I want to enter.
And I come here because I love you. You take beautiful photos.
You are honest.
You are a spectacular mother.
You are a spectacular friend.
And sometimes I need to be reminded just how good I done did when I took that last creamcicle

Samantha said...

I know I just got back, but heck yeah I want to enter! I'm dying for a fantasticly urban family shoot. Am I too late?

P.S. Yours is one of the few blogs I check daily. Yes, daily. I love everything you post.

Sara said...

Hi! I have come here through The R House. I am also an "adoption peep" and I like to see what is going on in the adoption world-it isn't such a lonely place, actually. I like your blog because of your honesty and your pictures-you crack me up.
I would love to enter your contest if I'm not too late.

mommyoffour said...

I would love to enter Miss Kimmie! We are hoping for some new pictures in the next few months!

I love everything about your blog! You are so funny, inspiring, and honest.

I love it all!

Calli said...

I check your blog all of the time. I love to see your photography and your beautiful children. I really think you do a great job at blogging and sharing your thoughts.

If you are really serious about giving doing a free session we would be honored to have you take pictures of the 5 of us for our
1st Anniversary in September.

Lindy said...

Wow 43 comments!! I'm going to opt out of the give away- I'm in England and don't see myself in SLC any time soon. Now if you're planning on being in the Boston area in the next 3 weeks that's a different story!

Why do I visit? I dunno I just like you. I've been lurking (I think I've commented once or twice) around for over a year. I came over to see who Casey's BFF was and found that you take fanfreakingtastic photographs. I want to take fanfreakingtastic photographs as well so that's what kept me coming back. Then your personality really comes out on the blog and it hooks a person. So to break it down- photography w/ maybe some tips thrown in for us wanna be Kimmies!

Olivia Singleton said...

I would love to enter your contest! I absolutely adore your photography and can't wait to have some of your work in my home.

You know how I found your blog, but why I keep reading is because it's real. By posting your feelings and experiences you help me feel a little less alone in how I feel and a little more normal in the things I go through. Thank you for that!

As for tips for the future... all I can say is keep it real like you always do!

P.S.>> I hope you have a blast at Blogher!

Ron and Jessica said...

We come for the free food! Wait, there is no free food. That's right we come because we like you and your thoughts and passion for adoption. GO ADOPTION! Also you and Flavio made two great kids and it's fun to see them grow up on your blog. Love ya!

Jed and Kate said...

Hi Kim,
I love coming to your blog! Mostly because you are such an honest, sincere person and you share things that we might experience but don't necessarily talk about. You are also pretty funny when you want to be and your photos are fresh and gorgeous! I also love coming here because it makes me feel more connected to adoption. I miss it so much!
I can't enter the contest since I live in NYC and am not sure when I will be in SLC again (other than next).
I love how you are currently blogging, but I know what you mean about running out of ideas. One idea I've had recently but have not executed is writing some posts about my philosophies in life & how I've developed those philosophies. For example--what is your take on love? Do you believe in more romantic or practical love? What kind of advice do you give your friends on finding love? How have you come to feel that way? You could do this for lots of things--spirituality, friendship, raising children, adoption, neighborlyness, education, social situations, politics, etc.
Ok, maybe that idea was more for myself than for you, but hey, if it helps?
Keep blogging tho! Lots of us depend on it! (no pressure! :-)
-Kate Cowley

Moments by Riley said...


I love reading about your crazy and hectic life and it makes trials a little easier to endure. I would love to be entered into your contest, but it would only be me and my husband. But it's worth a shot!


Leah said...

Ok so I don't want Carly to think that I'm ignorant, no really I'd love to enter your contest. I'm Elisa's sister and Miss Calli's Aunt Leah. I'm just getting into the photography business and your work inspires me! Elisa said you teach classes? I'd love to learn some tips from you. Plus, it's kind of tricky trying to take my own family portraits. Hope I'm not too late!

Holly said...

Well you know me already but a free session is a free session :-). I met you through Shannon, who saw your work through Sam (I think). The rest is history.

Arianne said...

look at all your peeps! wow 51 comments!!! :) you are miss popular!!

Lace said...

I feel bad! My comment didn't show up! I must have missed the word verification thingy and didn't even realize it. (I wouldn't have won anyway I was like number 45 or 47 or something like that). Now let's see if I can remember what I said... it was that I look at your blog because you are my friend and I like to see what you are up to. I am always a fan of your photos- especially the ones of Jothan and Emmaree. And of course I mentioned how much I love those two little ones and I want them to come play with Ayla! So there's the summary. I'm sorry you didn't get the original it was much more eloquent I'm sure.

now let me see if I can pass this word test here...