Thursday, April 30, 2009

School Daze--TI-89

So, our next installment of School Daze brings us to my Sophomore year in high school.

Let's just get it out in the open that I suck cheese at mathematics.

It is my WORST subject, I was even better at P.E. than I was at math this says a lot.
I can't remember the actual term for the particular mathematics is that I took in 10th grade, but it was some sort of "Algebraic" concoction.

I pride myself on remembering the names of people and events from my past, but for some reason, perhaps to protect the innocent the name of my teacher eludes me.
So, I will get on with the story. I do recall he had a lisp, my teacher...if anyone out there can tell me his name, I will send you some bubblegum.

****Edited to note: Marci wins the was Mr. Reynolds! Marci, see me after class.****

Anyway, here I am, 15, at a new school, half of my friends went to another school and I am sitting in Algebra 2.0 at the beginning of the year knowing absolutely NO ONE, and up the isle being passed up to me from the back comes a graphing calculator.

What the H is a graphing calculator?
I had no clue...dood
I was from the West Side...we had no such wonders known across the valley.
Anyway, "written" on the calculator were the words:

"Kim, will you go to Homecoming with me?"

Uhm. Okay, firstly, who the H sent this? Secondly, I don't know how to respond via said calculator. Thirdly, I am only 15 and I know that my parents would not approve of my going on a date before my 16th birthday...(my religion encourages youth to start dating at 16).
Panic sets in. PANIC.

I look to my left, then to my right, then I look back...and I see the culprits.

They are laughing. Laughing?! Why the H are they laughing?
With all the bravery in my little body--it once was little, I stand up and walk the calculator back to the two laughers and say,

"Is this yours?"

Then dorkily and red-faced I slink backto my chair shaking and hating life at that very moment.

A ton goes through my mind:
Were they serious? Why were they laughing?

I go home and tell my mom of the incident.
I need a graphing calculator for class so she takes me out and gets me the most up to date, crazily hard to operate and manipulate calculator of all TIME:
the TI-89.
She instructs me that the next day in class she wants me to type back a response to the laughers...on my calculator.

So, I do it. I politely decline the "invitation" to the dance on the new beast of a calculator...and pass it back.
Jaws drop to the floor...what is this?
No one from the East Side had such a wonder...but this girl...she has one!

It shut them up.
They both claimed they were "kidding" about the dance asking.
To this day, I am not so sure.
I think I really burst someone's bubble.
For the remainder of high school, these two particular boys were always acting strangly around me.
Sometimes I wonder.
I think they both were secretly in LOVE with least that is what I tell myself so I feel better.

As for the TI-89, I never really learned how to use it.
It did get my husband through college though. Accounting, who'da thought?

As for me and math? That was the last mathematics class I ever took, it was enough to get me into college and enough that I shouldn't have to take another class until I actually want to graduate. Can't wait for the tutors.

School sucked.

Thanks mom.


Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

But you will always be so lovingly linked to MY in-laws....

Colt Pride. CC forever?


Kristina P. said...

I think I got asked to like two dances my entire high school career.

And I totally had that calculator.

marci helen said...

but that calculator had games that you could entertain yourself with during math class!
(was it mr. reynolds...i vaguely remember taking a math class from him. it was painful!)

Katie said...

I love your stories. This one has me loving your mom, btw. What a perfect way to handle a crappy situation.

Oh and I think you're talking about Mr. Stavn...

Olivia Singleton said...

Guess who's volunteering to be your future math tutor? That's right -- me! I totally rock at math and have a long history of tutoring. And get this, I was a totally a member of the math team in high school as well as the treasurer of the math club. *ahem* GEEK.

Andrea Lemon said...

I'm trying to remember some of the math teachers we had at school. And their names aren't coming to me either. Maybe its time to pull out the yearbook.
And I'm curious. Who was the guy that asked you to the danch via calculator?

kimsueellen said...

DOOD Marci WINS! It WAS Mr. Reynolds! Bubble gum for you!

Andrea? Personal e-mail coming, I am too embarrassed to tell it online!:)

moosh in indy. said...

Oliva is a dork.
But she's MY dork.
As you were.

Amy and Josh said...

you have some of the best school stories. lol. Your kids and grandkids will be Well entertained:)

Lace said...

I'm amazed at Marci remembering his name... I would have to think long and hard to remember most anyone from high school, not because it's been 10 years, just because I have NO MEMORY!

Nice job! You showed them not to mess with you!

Manda Jane Clawson said...

AWESOME post!!!!

marci helen said...

oh, i will start practicing my bubble blowing technique...yum!

Holly said...

So funny - I also had a whopping TI calculator. I remember it cost $90 - a fortune back then. A fortune now, actually. I still have it...but it never got me any dates...or invitations.

The Gag-nears said...

this post just brought so many math memories it is not even funny. Made my day. Good times. How have I never heard of the homecoming calculator story. HILARIOUS! I now want to know who those boys were :)! See you Saturday!