Monday, April 27, 2009

Ya, I am still alive...sorta.

I *could* say this has been the busiest week of my life, but I KNOW I have had busier.

I also know that it is not going to stop until Friday afternoon, so I am trying not to contemplate on it too much or I will end up in a straight jacket.

Not that the busy has been bad, it has just been, well, BUSY. And, I am tired. Very tired.
BUT I will survive, I always do.

So I will end with this, as I was going through some photos today, I came across these:


My three year old was CLEANING THE BATHROOM.
All on her own.
She moved the stuff to the side, scrubbed down the sink, and the countertops,
(and even the toilet lid...I stopped her from going further).
She was so stinkin' proud of herself.
And I thought she was the most adorable thing on the planet.

Also, she said to me today, (I kid you not, EVERY WORD):

"Mom, sometimes I say that Heavenly Father punishes us (huh?! Where did this come from?) but Heavenly Father doesn't punish us. He just likes to give us rings on our cupcakes."

Truer words...did someone say cupcake?


Kristina P. said...

My bathroom is filthy! Think you can send her over?

Cassie said...

Delicious little thing. And yes, she did say cupcake. tee-hee.

Amy said...

Beautiful thing, though, despite the absolute craziness you are going through, you still keep going, give a little more of yourself, working hard to make lift another's burdens. RS would've been hell... thanks for brightening my day.

Barrett said...

She's so cute! I hope you aren't getting TOO busy! ;) Take some time for yourself!

Midwest Mommy said...

How cute is that! I could have borrowed her yesterday when I was cleaning my bathroom, lol!

Amy and Josh said...

My little Elise does this, but one time I found her scrubbing the sinks with my toothbrush....yuck! Since then I told her the proper way and purchased a new toothbrush:)

So funny. I love Emms little saying, cupcakes and
I bet you are tired . . . with being pregnant and all. I hope you get a breather soon. Hope things slow down a bit. love ya Kim lady.

marci helen said...

i love her sweet little personality. little ones are so wise, and observant!

Holly said...

So funny.

Arianne said...

how cute is she? she is so grown up!!!

Ariana said...

I'm really sorry you are so tired. I know how hard those days can be... and how they seem to go on forever.

Your daughter looks so sweet cleaning the bathroom. I love her soccer shirt, too :)

Kim . . . wyomingmade said...

sorry - I am way behind in my blog reading.

But I have to stop right here and ask who is that big girl, being a big helper? It couldn't be Memms, where did the time go?

She is amazing, just like her mom!!