Thursday, April 2, 2009


This week has been a little karazay around here. These bebes have been AMAZING. I have worked, cleaned house, napped, and been wonder mom, and these guys?

They haven't complained.

Today I caught them like this:


At first, they didn't even know I was there.

There they were, just rocking together on the rocking chair, munching crackers and talking to each other.

It was pure BLISS to witness.

So I grabbed my camera.

Oh to have a bestie like these have.

Oh how I love.

Oh. How. I. Love.


Wendy said...

Everyone does need a brother/sister like that. Such sweet siblings! Oh, sweet! Love them!

Cassie said...

SO sweet. Love Em's face, hilarious.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

oh, how I long for this for my Van. You are a lucky Momma!

mrs. r said...

such cute kiddies.

also, your blog looks great on my screen. :)

Olivia Singleton said...

I love how they are so sweet to each other. I think it's easy to say they're always going to be best friends.

Kristina P. said...

That last picture is hilarious!

Holly said...

The blog does look nice with the design changes. I wish my brothers and I had been close like this. it's a miracle we all survived some of the fights we had.

Anna said...

That is pretty amazing.

ec said...

how cute are those pictures?! i love them ... especially the bottom right one. delicious.

Katie said...

How did you not start crying watching this? Especially b/c they are in their pj's. Too cute!

rpatrickphotography said...

Was this before or after they were fighting over YOUR slurpee? :)