Saturday, April 4, 2009



This is my good friend Nakia. I am using her picture because she is the ONLY one who won't kill me for using it.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to photograph all of the ladies in my ward's Relief Society during an activity.

I have to say this was one of my most challenging and rewarding feats of all time photographically speaking.

I say ONE because
I am constantly growing and changing and challenging myself
in this area.

As I edited these photos, I got really teary. There were super young girls, and older women, and each one was beautiful, and unique and gorgeous in their own way. It was truly eye-opening.

Oh how I would love to share them with the entire world. But I promised I wouldn't.

If you are really intrigued to see them all. The link is here.
E-mail me: kimsueellen [at] gmail [dot] com for the password.

All of these photos were taken after dark, in a small room, bouncing my flash off of a white divider. (The divider was the size of a 20x9 ft wall.)


nakia said...

Thanks for labeling this post "beauty". That night was crazy. I didn't have a stitch of makeup on! Thank goodness I feel okay in my own skin. :-)

Katie said...

Wow, she really is stunning! Look at those eyes. Thanks for sharing.

ec said...

gorgeous ...

Becky Rose said...

What a wonderful idea to do for a RS! I hope these women feel good about the pictures. The one you shared is great. Love what you said about each one.

Ursula said...

This picture captures everything Nakia is. She is beautiful in and out. She was the best roomate in college. keep smiling