Friday, March 21, 2008

We met him!

Can I just tell you how Satan has WORKED me over today? I dropped a few choice words to my husband and really to no one in particular. I could feel myself ripping apart. There was SOoooo much to do. I didn't get a nap, and I needed it more than anyone. I was REALLY anxious to meet this little boy.

We did it. And you know what? He is BEAUTIFUL. He was SO cute, and it wasn't until I saw him that my heart settled (not completely, but enough that I really felt I can do still changes it's mind from time to time.) I could really SEE him in our home.

I know this will NOT be easy. I am not sure what is worse, knowing it will not be easy that has me frightened, or knowing that he will go home eventually?! I think it is both at this point.

Right now we are looking at 8 months with him. Generally it is about a year. If it goes longer, there is extended family that will step in and keep him. Golly, living with that is tough. It would be so much easier to know he was coming and staying forever. This is the tough stuff they told us about!

Anyway, thank you for all of your support, and I WILL NEED YOUR PRAYERS. I am near unto tears every other minute today...I just need to be strong.


Shannon said...

Be strong! Be strong! Be strong! You REALLY can do it! This is a blessing for everyone involved! It will be AMAZING! Heavenly Father wouldn't want this boy anywhere else right now!

Laur said...

You can do it kim you can do it! Where are you living? Maybe I can come over ahd help?

AFRo said...

This is only the second post I've read that you've written and I'm over here sobbing because it's wonderful to know that there are selfless people left in the world.

You are an amazing person for even attempting the adventure that's ahead of you. I'm so excited for you and that precious baby boy.

Leisha said...

You are amazing. Such an example to me. You have such a big heart and this little boy is lucky to have you helping him through these stages of his life.

Arianne said...

you do have a big heart! I am sure this little boy will feel your love in your family EVERY DAY! what a lucky little boy to spend this time with your family!!

Calli said...

You are such an amazing little family I just know that this little boy will be in a great home and feel so loved. Good luck

Tim and Ashlee said...

How amazing! I KNOW you'll do such a great job having this little boy join your family. You will be such a blessing in his life!

Amy and Josh said...

I would be scared out of my mind too Kim. That doesn't sound like an easy task to undertake, but I am sure you will learn and grow and gain some very vital skills as you bring this little boy into your home. I think you are such an example.

Josh and I have often talked about wanting to help foster kids, but we aren't quit in the living situation required for that. I am so grateful for your example, and who knows-maybe when we finally get into a home and are in that place to do so we just might really do it.
Hang in there, you are so capable of anything you do!! I'll be praying for you.