Thursday, March 13, 2008

Haleiwa, Hawaii

So, there is this town on Oa'hu, called Haleiwa. I am sure if you have ever been to Oa'hu you have been to this town. Holly and I went almost EVERY night for some reason or another. The day before the workshop (I know it was Sunday...I have to say I was paying my "tithing" just not to my church. ROFL...) we stopped through the little town. There is this little church there that does this "Huli, Huli Chicken" every Sunday. It is like a weekly fundraiser. There is just this huge BBQ with this amazing dood just standing out in the heat making the chicken. They baste the chix with a fertilizer spritzer from Ace Hardware. Ace definitely is the place, 'cause man, the chicken was goooooooooood!
It doesn't look like much. I got this and a bottled water for $5. This is what they call 1/2 a chicken. Holy cow, did I mention how good it was? Huli Huli sauce is like a mixture between a really sweet teriyaki and I dunno...heaven. (I love chicken so...).
Anyway, the thing about this place is...well it seems to be a kick'n place. I saw this huge set up of band equipment, this church must rawk out during services.

They send you out back to eat your chicken on some picnic tables and this is what you see roaming around your feet:
I don't think he was too excited that we were eating his friends. They sure tasted nice tho.

The day before our trip we heard that THE best place to get Shave'd' Ice was at Matsumoto's. I guess the place has been around FOREVER. This sign dates to we're talking longer than that. I'm not one for 'snow cone like creations' but this, holy cow this was GOOD SCHTUFF!

So love the '70's feel of this sign. I really wanted a Matsumoto's hoodie but couldn't talk myself into it. It really was all it was cracked up to be and more...
You may or may not be aware that Adam Sandler is one of my FAVORITE actors. 50 First Dates which just happened to be filmed in Hawaii is probably one of my all time favorite movies. While standing in line Holls and I saw this photo. That is Adam Sandler professing his love for the all mighty Matsumoto.
Check out these people...lined up forever. This side enjoying the fruit of the wait...
And mine. Bubblegum. My favorite flavor of anything ever. Since I was a kid it was bubblegum Slurpee's and ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Anyway, what makes this so special? They put a scoop of the most delicious vanilla ice cream on the bottom, so when all of they syrup runs down it makes this yummylicious mixture of bubblegummy Shave Ice goodness.
I've been a little weepy this week. I am missing the Hawaiian warmth and sun. The sun here just isn't the same. I am missing the Shave Ice. I went to Baskin R's twice for some bubblegum ice cream. It just wasn't the same either. Oh well...just gives me a reason to go back!


Leisha said...

Sounds interesting. I guess I will have to try it one of these days. That means that next time you go you are taking me with you :-)

Arianne said...

I want a snow cone now and some chicken!! :)

didn't you just love all the wild chickens all over hawaii? I laughed every time i would see one ( or three or four) I couldn't believe how many chickens there were roaming around. too funny.

LOVE all your pics!!

Jonathan Canlas said...

it is so great to see what everyone did in their free time. that one was on the whole points of having the workshop out in hawaii so everyone could get away (well except for Natalie I guess since she lives across from where it all happened) and experience that magical rock.

did you see that allison freaking found the lost set? soooo jealous.

next time i am hitting up that place for chicken.

i have to admit, i think the shaved ice in laie is actually better than matsumotos...but that drive to haleiwa makes it so worth it.

man i miss that rock.

Cassie said...

I don't know that I could eat chicken while hanging out with chicken... it does look de-lish... hmm... I'd get it to go.

Holly said...

I am seriously missing the shave ice also. That was fun - I have a lot of the same pictures (obviously!) but I have some of you too. I'll have to email them to you so you can blog 'em.

Ron and Jessica said...

I love Adam Sandler in Hawaii too! Jealous... -Jess

Carlotta said...

Women you know I would be ALL over that ! My mouth is HELLO can we say watering!Delicioso!!! I have heard those shaved ice are DA BOMB!!!

Carlotta said...

oh and BTW that rooster reminds me of Chirpy, I raised a chick into a rooster when I was little! HA

Amy and Josh said...

Bubblegum is the best!! Thanks to you I am craving it, which isn't a bad thing.

Looks like you had a great time Kim, and that chicken sound too good to be true. Ahh. . .this weather is getting me down a bit too, can't wait for that sunshine!! love ya

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

This is me just about every day of my life. I went to BYU-Hawaii and was just a mere bus ride away from Haleiwa.

Those shave ices are the things of dreams!

Carrie said...

Oh oh oh! I'm dying here!

I can NOT go a summer without a snow cone/shaved ice! Although, I go for the Tiger's blood! Yum! And that chicken! Mmmm!

Ok, time to plan a trip to Hawaii! Maybe catch up on my surfing! ;)

Ponczoch Family said...

How fun! Love the fact that the chickens were roaming as you ate chicken.

moosh in indy. said...


Heather said...

Sounds so yummy!! I am so glad you are back!! I've missed you!! tear tear!! :)

I really really really wish I had a shaved ice around here!! The closest thing I have in CA is slushee's!! More sad than close really!!

My goal is to be able to go to these fun workshops one day!! I am still saving up for my camera!! Soon i will be among all the photogs out there!! Thanks again for all your help!!

Welcome home!!

Amber Ro said...

It's Amber Robbins-Holly's friend. You took some pics of us with Holly back in October.
I saw Holly's blog about your trip and had to check out yours as well.
What a goood time-and looks like you met a large and in charge Hawaiian friend :)
Congrats on being pregnant. I think we are due the same day-is your due date Sept. 5?

The Gag-nears said...

Dude - when we went to Hawaii we had the masumoto's every day we were there! these picture totally brought it all back and now I am craving it thank you very much! We have tried to duplicate it with our shaved ice machine here, but it's just not the same as sitting in Hawaii eating it! Oh the good time! I am so glad you had fun on your Hawaiian adventure!