Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A typical morning at our house.

Pajamas on inside out.
Hair all askew.
Milk all over the table.
Cereal in bowls, slurp, slurp, slurp.

Oh, and then there are the kids....


All the while, baby crawls around on the floor.

These are the mornings I crave never end. That they never grow out of wanting to sit together, and have breakfast, and talk. A nice slow pace. Thankful for this summer to soak it up before J-dawg goes to school full time, and our mornings turn into, well, something else.


Rebecca said...

hi i am fernandos friend and i really thought your post about your latest being born was cute... i was wondering who took your pictures?

kimsueellen said...

My friend Jon Canlas took them. Isn't he amazing? If you are interested in a birth story, I do them too. Email me at:

Fostervision said...

LOVE the picture of memms slurping the cereal... I get that same look from all of my girls in the morning, and I probably give it right back to them!!!! Must be a girl thing!!!!