Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Typical morning at my house.

Kodak bw400cn

Hair askew, milk on table, jammies inside out, and baby crawling around on the floor, getting into all kinds of trouble.

These are the days I hope never end.

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Kim . . . h2k family blog said...

Kimmie- your work is so amazing. You are an artist, who shows real beauty in everything!

I was looking at some pictures my friend paid her friend to take, an "attempt" at professional photography. I was nice and didn't laugh, but I so wanted to tell her she got ripped off. Just because your friend has a DSLR camera and photo shop does not mean their pictures are professional!

Your work shows the emotion of the moment, that you can feel, You don't even have to know the subject to feel it. That is art.

Thanks for sharing your work, thanks for pushing yourself further. Don't stop! I am saving my pennies for fall family pictures. I should schedule now, you get so busy.

Lots of Love