Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sister Study

Lots of people compare Memms and Millz. It is only natural, considering they are sisters.

It wasn't until recently, as I began pulling out clothes that Memms used to wear, and putting them on Millz when I decided to start taking a few photos if I got the chance to compare them side by side.

Memms is on the left of each of these, and Millz is on the right.

There are definitely some sisterly traits. That is for sure.
Memms, however, was much chubbier in the cheek area.
(She still is and is much kissable for it.)
Memms also had fuller lips than Millz.
Millz, I have decided is a perfect mix between her brother and her sister, but again,
a much thinner version of both of them when they were babies.

This got me thinking about my own sisters.
There is almost 12 years between me and my next closest sister.
They have a different biological father, so I never really compared myself physically with them.
Until I took their portraits at the end of last school year, and holy hannah.
Well, see for yourself.

Sisters are rad.
I wish mine were closer in age to me, and I wasn't more like a mom to them than a sister.
Glad that Memms and Millz will have a good opportunity to be friends.
To grow together.
I can't wait!


Holly Reed said...

Wow your sister looks a lot like you. Lucky girl.

AubreyMo said...

In my family there are four girls. Our biggest age gap is 12 years and sometimes a mom-sista is just what you need!

Your girls are precious.

The Lilly's said...

Surely that can not be your little sister?! In my mind she's still like 9 years old! There is definately a resemblance and you are both very photogenic.

Julie Carlile said...

She is already that old? Where did the time go? She is absolutely beautiful. You do look a lot a like. The eyes and smile.

mandee said...

Beautiful...all of them! Glad to see that I am not the only one who has chubby babies! Love you!

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

So although they look like both of you, I think Millz has more of Hubb's traits and Memms has more of your traits, but you know then mixed all together too. All right. Signing off.

Loves. Miss ya. Sorry Thursday didn't work out. When are WE going on a date?

Barrett said...

You guys do look a lot alike! I also agree that Millz is a perfect mix of Memms and J-man!

Kjrsten said...

I gotta say you are a beauty! And so are your babies!

I love(d) passing down my baby clothes, not just for the economical reasons, but I already had sweet memories of them so it magnified my sentimentality while dressing the younger sisters in older sisters dress etc... does that make sense? Anyway, also I can't go without saying that I LOVE THE FILM comparison here! so beautiful!