Thursday, February 19, 2009


Finally got all caught up on LOST tonight. Hubbs and I had a marathon of LOST the past two nights.

(Even went and picked up some cables so we could watch it on our new love.)

To say I am obsessed is putting it lightly. To say that this show gives me the "tickle pee pees" (or the "utz" as mrs. r likes to say (same diff)) is putting it lightly.

I just can't get enough. Are ya'll loving it as much as I am?

And is it just me, or does Sawyer just keep looking yummier and yummier?

I wish I were Kate. (Sorry Hubbs.)


Suey said...

so I just recently started watching Lost and I am half way through season 4 and it is a frustrating show!! I agree though, there are beautiful people on that show!

Lace said...

Tony and I don't miss an episode! Wednesday night we were just discussing how we want to go back and re-watch them all before the next season starts! That show is AMAZING, everything is so intertwined! Each episode needs to be like 3 hours long, cause an hour just isn't enough!
Thanks for the LOST post! I was going to post something myself just to talk about it!

Aranne and Dan said...

My husband and I too are Lost Fans... But I can't help but feel lost after each show. I hate that feeling, but they have me. I keep coming back for more!

Olivia Singleton said...

I'm still back in Season 4 trying to get caught up, but I must say it's always Sawyer who ends up catching my fancy. Although it would seem that Jack would be the natural and best choice, it's always Sawyer that makes me think YUM.

Whitney said...

HERE here- I am utterly and completely addicted as well! Glad to see you and I obviously share great taste in shows!

kimsueellen said...

Yeah... sure... YOU wish you were Kate???!!!! I wish you were Kate!!! ;)

JK... you are better then Kate... you are MY Kate!!! ;)


Ron and Jessica said...

We just got caught up took forever, but was totally worth it. Thanks for helping to get us addicted :)

Mandee said...

It's the only show that gives me butterflies! LOVE it!