Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Draper, Utah Temple Open House

Photo Courtesy of JD. Thanks!

My heart has been full the past few days. Tears come quite easily when I think back to Monday when it was our turn to go to the Draper Temple Open House.

Firstly, if you haven't gone, you must. Secondly, if you have any opportunity to go, you must.
(This opportunity is available for all, (not just members of the LDS church) all you need to do is reserve a spot and voila!)

The look of joy and excitement on my children's faces was remarkable, especially my little five year old. He was ecstatic to have the opportunity to go to the temple! He was so curious and happy the entire day. It was all he could stand to get through the video and onto the bus. We, of course got the oldest bus in the whole operation, it was dirty, and loud, and "scawy" (as Memms put it) but it was an adventure!

Pulling up to the temple, the feeling of peace was immediate. Walking through the long passageways of tents until we reached the entrance was more than J-Man could handle...he was ready to be INSIDE!

I loved the opportunity to hold his little hand the entire way through. His curiousity and continuing questions made me realize how important my example of the temple is to him, and will continue to be to him throughout his life. I want him to long to go back there when he is old enough. He assures me when he is 12 he is going to go and do the work he can do, until he can do more. He is thrilled!

Walking into the Celestial Room, I lost it. Being there with my sweetheart and my children, and holding them close as we looked up at the seemingly endless ceiling and the beautiful chandelier...tears streamed down my face. Oh how I long to have this little family forever and to feel such perfect love and peace forever with them. How awesome will that be?!

The last room we entered was the sealing room. Amazing, breathtaking, marvelous. The spirit was strong! Wow. I can hardly explain.
SO thankful to have had such a wonderful opportunity. In all my times attending the temple, I seem to forget the power that is there, it's strength and magnitude. Wonderous.

The tour ends in the adjacent church building, where there is a beautifully decorated reception hall, and they even have...brace yourselves:
COOKIES! Yes, cookies. This was more bliss than my little ones could handle.

We ended the afternoon with a wonderful lunch out, together as a family. How I am holding each one of my lovies closer the past few days.

I hope you have the opportunity to go.


Katie said...

What a beautiful post. I wish we still lived there and had the opportunity to go. I'm sure your kids will remember that day for a long time.

Holly said...

I still think the most perfect temple will be one with a big semi-opaque bubble over it so that its always 70 degrees and softly lit...for better pictures, of course ;-)

Fostervision said...

oh you have me so excited! We are taking the girls on Friday, and it is almost more than we can all stand, we can't wait! In fact, I pulled a selfish mom card, and didn't let Tori go with her YW group last week because I wanted to be there with her the first time she was in the temple.

ec said...

this made me cry.

i would love to take the girlies inside ... they love to see the temples!

you rule, kim.

Arianne said...

That temple is amazing. I too loved the celestial room and being in the sealing room with my family. I am so glad you decided to go. I know this is something your kids will NEVER forget!! I still remember touring the Jordan River Temple when I was 5!!!

Thanks for this post! you are amazing kimmie sue!

Cassie said...

It warmed my heart reading this. We haven't gone yet... must go soon.

mrs. r said...

i am so glad you decided to go. ;)

me said...

What a beautiful day, and what a memorable experience for your beautiful little ones!!!

moosh in indy. said...

we need to get one of those here...

Carrie said...

So glad you were able to go! We're patiently awaiting our turn. I decided that it would be a nice treat to go on my birthday! :) Looks like you and your family have been having a great time together!!! I'm so happy to see you all doing so good!

Christal said...

what a beautiful post and opportunity lucky girl to be able to go!!

Amy and Josh said...

Sound like a great day! I regret that we did not go:( Just wasn't the best time with tax season, but I know we could have made the time...we are plannning on going to the Daybreak temple instead:)

Sounds wonderful Kim. We need to hang out sometime. love ya