Friday, February 27, 2009

As if!

As if 2008 didn't suck enough for us. Now we can't claim any of our expenses. What on earth? I am T-O'd.


mrs. r said...

it's the worst ever. we are going to have to rally and make some changes.

so annoying.

i am so sorry. i think you will still be able to on your federal taxes though. talk to josh.

Fostervision said...

That really peeves me!

Holly said...

That's really a joke. Of all the things to get stingy about! The government should be sending you a whopping Target gift card as well as the tax credit because adoption is not only expensive, its a good and decent thing that makes the world a better place.

Ron and Jessica said...

It's lame but at least the feds give us the credit still.