Friday, February 20, 2009

Easily Distracted, Migraines and Progresso

I am easily distracted cuz I should be working, actually I finally got my work done but have been dying to blog. It is never a good idea to have the Internet on while you work. Anywho...

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting in church, one of my dear friends MJ who was seated behind me looks at me with big eyes and says,

"Kim! Your face is so skinny, have you lost weight?!"

I looked behind me and scanned the room, certain she was talking to some other Kim. When I finally realized indeed she was talking to ME...I laughed at her and joyously accounted to her that she must be mistaken, but thanked her for the nice compliment.

As I went home that evening, I thought about what she had said, I looked in the mirror and while to myself, the image hadn't changed, the scale said otherwise. What is the difference you ask? Well, I shall tell you.

Back in early December, after reading this article and this article (I don't care if you are LDS or not, you should read it...some good stuff!). After reading these particular articles I vowed never to put caffeine in my body ever again. ('cept for maybe the occasional Excedrin Migraine or two.)
Of. Course.

I hadn't really noticed that it was making a difference to my body, I wasn't a heavy drinker of such beverages as the Dr. Pepper and Pepsi and such, but much more that I would have liked to have had.

At the time of my swearing it off, I began to suffer some SEVERE headaches. Let's talk, 5 or so migraines a month (please people, don't be concerned, I have discussed them with a doctor, it runs in my family, yes I look for triggers, yes I know there is medication but at this time I am choosing not to die of a stroke, because I can handle five migraines a month (I think.) So, lucky me, having migraines I was also puking my guts out five days of the month.
(Not fun. Blowing chunks NEVER recommended.)

SO...I got to thinking, heck I am prolly losing weight with all the puking, the lack of soda in my diet and my new love...which is the entire point of this post:


I love me the Progresso. I was first introduced to it by this lady. I am hooked.

Why do I love it so? Well, because there is a vast variety of "Weight Watchers" approved choices, 0 and 1 point options. Am I on Weight Watchers? H no...but if anything says Weight Watchers on it, it has got to be good right?

Holy delicious vegetables. Scrumptious. This has been my lunch of choice for days and days and days and days and days. One can is TWO servings and I eat them both. My body has never relished in so much vegetable goodness since, well, EVER!

So, if these three things can make my face "look" skinny and keep the scale down, well then I highly recommend trying it.
(Well, prolly not the migraines or the puking so much...but try the other two.)
Let me know how it goes.

And let's be honest. The entire reason I am writing this is because I am hoping
Betty Crocker

sends me a year supply of the Progresso.

Hear me Betty?

I am waiting.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

You are inspiring me to cut out my one 12 ounce soda daily, ;) Thank you!

Jared and Liam Craig said...

man i looked everywhere in my grocery store for it when I first saw the comerials. I am *trying* to be on WW not working out so well, but its the effort right? It must not be in Canada yet *tear*

Angela said...

Yeah after gallbladder surgery I was told not to drink carbonation. I never asked how long that restriction lasted because I figured I didn't need it. No changes I've noticed but I figure its good for me and since I'd nearly always do diet soda I know I'm not getting any of the bad for me fake sweeteners.

Happy everything said...

I love this soup. When a started my diet, I was eating this every single day, but then, I tried also the V8 soups (buttersquash) delicius! Try it!!

Kirsten said...

My husband recently decided to cut sodium in his diet because his blood pressure is scary high. We've been eating Progresso or Chunky low sodium since then, and you are right, they are absolutely DELICIOUS! You can't tell they are low sodium at all!

I'm horrible for soda. It's always diet soda, but soda none the less. I need to stop drinking it, and drink more water *I say, as I take a sip from my Diet Coke*

Jessica K. said...

I came across your blog a while back and today I read a different blog and she had bought 20 cans of that soup and a ton of other things for so little $$. She does the couponing! I thought you might be interested in the link:

You could stack up on the soup!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Fostervision said...

Wahoo! I love skinny face comments. Well, at least, I will, when I finally get one after deciding right here and now to cut out soda! You Rock! I've heard that soup is deliciousness in a can. NOw I am really going to have to go try it!

marisa said...

I'm going to try it, not the puking, the soup.

Seth and Nicole said...

My husband and I are interested in having our adoption blog linked to yours. Would that be possible? The address is Thanks so much!

Malone and Brittany said...

Hello! I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I was actually just wondering if you wouldn't mind adding my blog to your "hoping to adopt" list? We're going through the LDSFS agency in Logan, Utah. We actually just got our approval letter last week! YAY! :) Anyhow, take care!

Holly said...

I also eat that soup when I'm "on the wagon". Then I get tired of it revert back to a steady diet of Twinkies, Cocacola and Cheese.
Kidding...sort of.

Ron and Jessica said...

We like that soup too except for the massive amounts of sodium in it...we usually share a can and have a grilled cheese and corn pita with it - delicious! I heard on the news you can buy 10 cans at Albertsons and get a $10 off coupon. Better stock up!

Christal said...

I love your blog you are so funny! Migraines and puking not so funny but I love the way you write you are so awesome!!! Migraines are so not fun! The soup sounds so good! I love soup! I hope you get your years supply you are so fun!!! ttys

Lace said...

Hey! Tony is a fan of Progresso Soup! Maybe that's why he's so skinny!