Friday, February 6, 2009

"Hey kids, guess where we are?!"


Best kept secret of the year. Really.




I wish I had more photos from the day. Hubbs took some with his piece...I literally took like 10 the entire day. I didn't want to have to babysit my camera, and well...within the first 10 minutes of our being there it POURED. And after that I did not feel much like shooting our grody selves.

We were soaked (so much for our cute hair for pictures), our stroller was SOAKED, our food was SOAKED...but it was SO much stinking fun, so so so worth it. The kids didn't even notice the rain.


Poor Hubbs, natural curl+rain=curlz. I think he is adorable. Love his face here.


Making a wish in Minnie's well.


Memms LOVED seeing Minnie. J-Dawg not sure what to think here.


It is so cute how they just ran up to Mickey. Memms didn't want to leave him. Mickey, in his Fantasia attire even did a little "Happy Birthday" ditty for Memms. It was so so so cute and adorable. She loved him.

The kids favorite rides?

J-Man: Peter Pan (the longest line of the day)
Memms: The Matterhorn (she said she liked the one with the scary mosters the best. Way to go Abomidable Snowman!)
Hubbs: The Matterhorn (I think he liked Memms reaction to it the best, I rode with J-Man, he was a little freaked too.)
Mine: The Carousel (Because we could all ride together and the look of wonderment in J-Man's eyes as he rode was the best gift in the world)

Definitely a place of magic. It was a day of magic for all of us. So thankful to have been able to take them there!


Cassie said...

NOTHING is better than Disney Land with your little ones. I'm so glad you guys got to go. I miss it already.

marci helen said...

what a fun surprise! i was just there too...i'm gonna say it's probably more fun with lil ones!!

Kim . . . wyomingmade said...

WOW, What a great time of year to go and have some family fun. What great parents you are, enjoy every minute in the magic kingdom!!

ec said...

i am so happy for you. i want to take the girls so bad...

beautiful kids! beautiful pictures!

Fostervision said...

That is our favorite place to go as a family. There is something about walking through those gates that make me forget that anything else in the world exists other than our family and the fun we have together. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE it!!!!

Arianne said...

this makes me SOOO excited to go in a few weeks!!!! I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!

Holly said...

I am so happy for you! I can't wait to do this trip with my lil' fam.

Heather said...

I still can't help but giggle when I think of your surprise trip!! I am so sorry that it had rained on you guys!! It looks like it didn't dampen your spirits though!! Love the pictures!! Love the story!! Love you guys!!

So glad that I got to have you in my neck of the woods for a few days!! Wish we could make my neck of the woods your neck of the woods!! ;)

The Lilly's said...

I can't imagine how awesome that must have been to surprise them like that! Cute pics!

moosh in indy. said...

So fun.
And Hubbs face in that photo? It's my new favorite too.

Katie said...

I love that you kept your trip a surprise--truly something they will remember forever! We're going in 2 weeks and I CAN'T WAIT!

Amy and Josh said...

Love the fun pictures. What a fun day for you and your family. I bet keeping the secret was worth it:) Maybe we'll try that someday.

Lace said...

Those kids of yours are so adorable! I can't even imagine how fun it was for them to meet Mickey & Minnie! What a blast! I'm glad you had a fun little surprise trip!

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