Friday, May 16, 2008


I feel like I haven't had a lot of time to get out and photograph the SPRING. I think spring may officially be gone, as I looked at the trees today they are all FULL of leaves. Man o man, where'd the time go? This top photograph was the ONLY photograph I took of blossoms. It is totally crap...soft focus. Oh well, it still says "spring" and I want to hold onto spring for as long as I can.
This one is just for fun, it is part of my "Top Secret" shoot that I can't really talk about, but I have no idea I won't talk about it...but you can see for yourself how cool it must be.
I'm feeling...oh, reminiscent today. This is not usually my thang as I like to look to the future, always trying to plan my life down to the second. I guess it is all part of my "letting go" for the year. Words I haven't really thought of for a while...but need to remember more that my goal for this year was letting go.
I wish I could share more about little LJ's case. This week has been a rocky and rough one for me in terms of my feelings. My feelings about his situation, about his mom, about how much I wish and long for him. Through all the prayers and tears Heavenly Father has shown me the answers to "why" and has shown me that I will survive letting go of him. He'll be okay.
Not quite sure what this post was all about...just wanted to sit and let some thoughts flow. Have a good weekend everyone!


Holly said...

It may have been a bit rambly but I am always excited when you post. Good to hear you're hanging in there and maybe got to enjoy some sunshine. We should get all the kiddos together to play before it gets too hot.

Shan said...

Kimmie, I am so so sorry that I haven't commented forever on your blog, it is really because I have wanted to just call you and talk to you for real......but as always, I am a slacker, and it won't happen for a little while, we are going out of town. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are wonderful, your photography is amazing, I am so happy for you, and I have so much respect for you and how you have handled everything the last few months. You are definately an example to me. I WILL talk to you soon for real, kay! Love ya girl.

Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

So, cute little LJ - - Gone? I will forever cherish that day I came over and he knew just how to make us are you feeling and why haven't you called young lady?

leisha said...

Top Secret project sounds so official :-) I can't wait to hear all about it. I love reading your thoughts and love spring too.

Amy and Josh said...

Spring has come and gone too fast for me too. I hope little LJ will be fine. . . and you too. Sounds like a hard thing to go through, and not sure if I could handle all those emotions. love ya Kim

Tim and Ashlee said...

Top Secret eh? Hmm, now I really want to know!!