Monday, May 26, 2008

Drizzly Day.

Why oh why, when we have a day off from work, from the mundane life that we all lead...does it have to drizzle?

I do love the rain...but it just made today a little gloomy.

We went and ordered pizzas, got ice cream, and cuddled up on the couch and watched movies with our kiddos. I can't think of a more perfect day than this.

What did you guys do today?


The Ashlee said...

We went to breakfast at this cute little place called Ruth's diner, then we all came home and played guitar hero and sing star on the playstation. I made a shopping list to go grocery shopping, we will see if that happens. Your day sounds fun even it was gloomy because of the rain.

Amy said...

We're installed our flooring. I am going crazy. My house is so messy right now and my son is having a fit. So I hide away from it all in my little computer room. :)

Leisha said...

We did nada. Hang out inside. Watched Caillou (gah) and I have been working on some editing. Gotta love it. If I weren't trapped inside because of the rain I would have done something more exciting.

Leisha said...

We went shopping...out to lunch and then spent $15 and 2 hours at Chuck-E-Cheese's. I never go there with the kids because it just isn't my idea of fun, but it was totally deserted today, so it was fun.

Arianne said...

babysat my sisters kiddos while they were in NY for the weekend for their 10 year anniversary. not much of a day off for us but I am glad they had a good trip!!

I am glad you had a nice relaxing day! i hope JUNE brings SUNSHINE! I don't want SNOW on my b-day!!! :)

Cassie said...

I got off work 2 hours early (yay!) went to my g-ma's for some burgers, went to my other g-ma's for some ribs. And in between bought a new bra from Victoria. May I recommend the new Biofit? It is amazing.

ec said...

monday was a regular day for us ... darren working and the girls and i chillin'.

we jumped on the tramp, dug in the garden, yelled at the neighbors dog, and played a bazillion rounds of crazy 8s.

a good day.

dust and kam said...

We played Dr. Mario on the Wii. How pathetic are we?

(we did, however, go camping all weekend!)