Sunday, May 4, 2008

iTunes Shuffle Challenge

I've been challenged to an iTunes Shuffle Challenge. Bear yourself and tell the world the first 16 songs that appear when you shuffle your iPod. Here are mine:

Samson--Regina Spektor

Us--Regina Spektor

The Remedy--Jason Mraz

Me and You--Barry Louise Polisar

Up the Spout--Mateo Messina


Ordinary Day--Vanessa Carlton


Merry Happy--Kate Nash

Never Too Late--Three Days Grace

First Time--Lifehouse

Hey There Delilah--Plain White T's

Waiting on the World to Change--John Mayer

Dreaming With a Broken Heart--John Mayer

Somewhere Over the Rainbow--Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole

Stop and Stare--One Republic



Carlotta said...

OH I LOVE Regina Spektor and John Mayor! These are great!

Michelle said...

Now that is a cute idea! Looks like we have similar music taste!

Holly said...

Love that Israel Kamaka...whatever. I can't say his last name let alone spell it. Doesn't it make you miss Oahu?

leisha said...

If I had an Ipod I would so shuffle it right now. But alas I will just have to wish.