Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thomas! (And his friends.)


True story:

Riding home from dinner tonight, I was sitting in the backseat with Jothan. Over the radio airwaves we hear this song of little kids singing about Gordon B. Hinckley.

Me: "Hey Joth, do you hear that song on the radio? They are singing about Gordon B. Hinckley."

Joth: Listening intently. "Oh ya Mom they are!"

Me: "You know that Gordon B. Hinckley died and went to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus, right?"

Joth: "Ya Mom, now there is another Gordon, named Thomas!"

Leave it to my little four year old to recognize that A: We have a new "Gordon" (prophet) and B: That in the show Thomas and His Friends (You know which Thomas I speak of...) There is an engine named Gordon, and an engine named Thomas. I would have never put those two together.

Little Man, you totally RAWK, I love you so much!


Ponczoch Family said...

Love it! What an amazing little mind. And a prophet is a "Gordon"... too funny!

dust and kam said...

Love the photo (as usual) :)

Joth is awesome!

Happy Mother's Day Kim. You are an amazing mother.

Angela said...

Someone once pointed out to me that before Pres Faust died, the first pres was actually Thomas, Gordon and James. Like on the Thomas stories.

kimsueellen said...

Dude, isn't there a Henry on that show too? Strange beans.

Arianne said...

that is too cute. gotta love the things that come out of children!!
I guess I need to watch Thomas the train more!! :) we are going to A day out with Thomas next week, look slike I need to learn more before we go!! lol

hope you had a GREAT mothers day!!

me said...

That is seriously the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! Adorable!

Ron and Jessica said...

There is a precedent.
The ancient Nephites loved Nephi so much that they called all of their Kings Nephi. (see Jacob 1)

Jothan is such a cool guy!!

Andrea Lemon said...

Oh Kim ... that is so cute. I absolutely love hearing what comes out of their mouths and how their brains work.

Thomas & Friends are coming up to Heber ... I will have to look at the dates. Maybe we can all plan a play date to take the boys up for the trip.

Leisha said...

I never would have put the two together either. Way to go Jothan! Such a cute story.

Tim and Ashlee said...

Well I'm glad Jothan's got it all figured out!! Too cute!

Heather said...

I may have to go and Tivo this show now!! What a bright little guy!!

The Gag-nears said...

That is so funny, the other night Ryan said something similar in his prayers - he said "thank you that President Hinckley died for us" Garth and I were laughing so hard. I guess eventually they get it. Out of the mouths of babes! Kids are great. Thanks for the free newborn session offer - I was so hoping you could do it! I will be in touch. Love you tonz!

Crystalyn said...

what a cutie! that's awesome.

Lace said...

This is so cute! Love this little guy and always have! I would have never put those two things together either! How clever!