Thursday, February 23, 2012


The last week has been intense. I feel like I joined the rest of the world when I flubbed my new year resolution to keep my blog updated every week day. 'They' say that most resolutions are forgotten by February 14, and it just seemed like I was joining ranks.

Things have been busy. I took on extra hours with work, and I have been trying really hard to make sure my computer is still turned off at a decent hour so that I can be a mom and take care of all the things that go with that job. Sadly, my blog got put on the back burner.

I had some time today however, to just blog about life.

It has been crazy. I always seem to say that, but truly it is. We just go from one thing to another to another without a breath in between. Last week I told you how my Christmas present was stolen on Valentine's day. I love my new found understanding that things are just things, however I dearly miss my 'thing'. I didn't realize how much I used my iPad, and I still have half of Tina Fey's book to read, which will now have to be done on the computer. I am okay with that. Truly thankful that Flav is okay. His mouth was pretty swollen and bruised for days...but we are all mending and putting that behind us. I just have a word for Karma. Do your thing. Okay? Pretty please. Thank you...Kim.

Then there is this girl:

Who always begs for her photo to be taken during the day while her brother and sister are at school, that is why there always seem to be so many more photos of her...I don't play favorites...promise. However, if she sees the camera she instantly says, "Smile Mom?!" Meaning, "Do you want me to smile Mom?" She completes my heart in every single way, even though she is the single most crazy thing in my life, I can't imagine my life for one second without her in it.

Life is challenging, but it is good. It feels good to be living and pressing forward, even through the hard, it just makes the not so hard feel all the better.



**Get geeky: All photos shot on a Nikon N80 with a 50 mm lens at 50mm at f1.4 on Kodak Portra 160 Film. Developed and processed at Walgreen's.**


Ariane e Roger said...

Updating my blog has been my resolution for the last two years and I never do it! So you're doing sooooo good! : )
I love it that your little girl smiles and asks for the pics...I have the hardest time getting pics of mine!
What happened to Flavio? Did they hit him when they stole your ipad?

Emily said...

Life wouldn't be life if it weren't crazy. How could we appreciate those 7.62 seconds of quiet we get just before we shut to bathroom door? ;)

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I go in phases of posting...I hate when I feel OBLIGATED to post so don't push yourself. Lets get together again soon and have a gossip session again! lol xoxo

Becky Rose said...

Can't believe how big she is!

Amy said...

You helped me blog again even if you didn't know it. so thanks. So funny how I feel that same exact way about my Haybay as you do about your millz:) I hope things get better for you. I have been thinking about you all week. love you Kim.

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Hopefully March will be a better month for you guys!!! xoxo