Friday, February 4, 2011


I am so thankful it is Friday. I don't know why, it is no different than any other day. It is not like I am going to spend more time with my family than I normally do, or see my husband any more. Perhaps it is because I get to have a free day on Sunday. No working out. Possible nap. I get to see my brothers and my step mom. I dunno there is just something about it.

In other news, thank you to the -6- people who shared about the auction for Jenny.
I think those six people all deserve something for sharing, so throughout the next few weeks each one is going to get a Claire de Lune CD from me. Please send me an email at: kimsueellen[at]gmail[dot]com with your address.

This auction meansso much to me because I am a mother. I would do anything for anyone to help comfort his/her fight with cancer, so thank you. THANK YOU!

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to Jothan's jump for Parker. He raised $190 almost twice as much as his goal of $100. My heart was full and I cried tears of joy at your ginormous hearts and willingness to serve so others can have good and healthy hearts as well.

Stay tuned for next week. I have lots of emotional vomit to spout off. Blogging is cheaper than therapy, and heaven knows I need lots and lots of therapy.




Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Hey friend.

I just shared Jothan's link on my blog this morning. Is it too late to donate?

kimsueellen said...

It isn't too late, I don't think anyway. I miss you Evonne!

Ron and Jessica said...

Can't beat free therapy!

Heather said...

go Joth!!

And know we are here for you-emotional vomit and all. (because that is way better than real vomit which makes me vomit and I don't like to vomit.....okay enough of the vomit talk)


moosh in indy. said...

I love that I came in on all the vomit talk.

Even if I were in actual therapy I'd still want to type out my responses if that says anything.


designHER Momma said...

Ok, earlier today I checked out the auction, and saw a few things that I love. I might be a total idiot (easily, I could be) but I didn't know how to comment, aka, leave a bid.

Can you help a sista out?


Darcy said...

just stumbled on your blog. was just thinking how blogging is therapy. i couldn't LIVE without it!