Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kimsey

I have spoken about Sassy Scoops before. They have even featured The R House Couture a few times! (including in their Valentine's Day Round-up going on right now--get a 10% off coupon code!)

In case you haven't heard by now, Sassy Scoops is looking for ONE more Sassy to join their team. You heard that right. One. I have known for some time that Lindsey would make a great Sassy. As we discussed over work Tuesday night, somehow or another the idea of a conjoined twin came to mind. At first it was just a joke, but it snowballed into actual glitter, unicorns, diet Coke and Snuggie goodness.

Then, the forces of the universe invented a new persona of bliss and wonder.


Yes, it's ridiculously awesome, I know.

Yes, Lindsey and I both have glitter stuck to our eye balls. Yes, it would have been better with Leisha in it (Leisha is not so much into blogging ...but she IS into being the birthday girl today! happy birthday, Leisha!) Yes, we are probably disqualified because there are two people in the audition if we are getting technical (although the posted rules said nothing about persons joined at the hip!), but the persona of KIMSEY is worth it!

So, want to help us win? It's sooooo easy.
  1. Go to the Sassy Scoops Facebook Page. (You will have to 'like' it to participate.) This also means that you will have to have a Facebook page to vote--which means Lindsey' mom won't be able to vote for us seeing as she hates Facebook. (Is she winning your sympathy vote yet?) My mom however has recently found the light and indeed likes our video on the Sassy Scoops Facebook Page.
  2. Click on the 'Just Others' tab.
  3. The above video will show up. If you feel so inclined, 'LIKE' our video--that's how you cast your vote.
As of right now we are in the lead ...because we are the only entry! HA! But, seriously, if you support rule bending (spirit of the law!), persons joined at the hip, diet coke, unicorns, glitter and snuggies--well then--your vote seems pretty clear.

Do it for the children.

Voting ends on Valentine's Day. Don't worry, I won't be harassing you for your vote for too long.

...and glitter.

***Edited to say that if indeed Kimsey must be disqualified and the Sassies can only take one winner, I truly think it should be Mrs. R. She is a great lady and would make a super wonderful Sassy.***


Holly said...

I love the joint snuggie. Sort of like 400 pound woman with two heads. Crack up.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I am writing a shout out post for Kimsey.

You guys deserve it.


Emily said...

This was perfect! I love it--and I'm all about making exceptions when it comes to you two. ;)

kimsueellen said...

Awe, thanks ladies. It was too funny!

Pamela said...

Love it and laughed so hard. Going now to vote!!!

BTW, saw you on Utah Bloggers. Can't wait to meet "Kimsey" soon.