Friday, September 17, 2010

contest for adoptive couples to win a free photo shoot

Photo of the R Family in the last photo shoot I did for them and Wasatch Woman Magazine.

Recently, one of my all-time favorite photography students, mrs. r, asked me for some help with posing couples. She was really struggling. All of her photos were starting to look forced and odd. I believe her exact words were "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." How could I turn down such a plead for help?

Because I am an incredible teacher (or sensei as my beloved student calls me), I told her that we should find ourselves some models and go out for a practice shoot. Soon we came up with a great idea to benefit a family and our common passion: adoption.

{r great idea}

We are looking for a couple who is hoping to adopt that is in need of a photo makeover for their adoption blog, pass along cards, adoption profile and/or self-esteem boost that are willing to be our models. We are looking for a couple that does not have any children yet and this person would need to be willing to travel to the Salt Lake area on their own to have their photos taken by both mrs. r and myself.

The winner of this little contest will receive a CD of the images taken at the shoot to use however they would like.

{do you know someone that would be perfect for this?}

Here's what to do.

Think of a family that you know that is hoping to adopt. (Sorry, but this time around, no nominating yourselves.) If you don't know any, check out the extensive list I have on the left sidebar. Email me (kimsueellen at gmail dot com) a picture of them (if you don't know them personally, right click is your friend!) and tell me why you think they should win, why you love/admire/adore them and/or why they are fantastic. Just tell me of their general awesomeness and deservingness. This family needs to be able to come to the Salt Lake area for the photoshoot ...but the person who nominates them can be from anywhere.

Get thinking quickly, you only have until Sunday night (September 19th) at Midnight MST to nominate the ones you love. Also, check out mrs. r's blog, the r house for more chances to nominate. She is running this contest as well!

mrs. r and I will read all the nominations then proceed to be utterly overwhelmed and hand it over to to select the finalists. The finalists will be posted on Monday morning (September 20th) of next week.

From Monday until Friday (September 24rd) at Midnight MST, voting will be open for you to vote for one of the 5 couples that you think should win. Or all of them, if you'd like.

The winner will be announced on Saturday and will need to schedule the shoot before October 29th.

{here's a little BONUS to this awesomeness}

The person who nominates the winning couple will also win a little goodie from the r house couture. It's a win-win-win. So get those nominations in and help pay it forward!


disclaimer: this post was written for kim by mrs. r. kim's computer is sick today. please keep it in your prayers or hope that is passes and is put out of its misery so that she can get a MAC--that's what i am praying for. ;)

full disclosure: mrs. r (Lindsey Redfern) is a dear friend of mine. I am her photography teacher. I was not compensated for this post, but, as explained, I will be the sensei on the shoot. She is also co-owner with leisha kelsey and me of the r house couture.


Manda Jane Clawson said...

You are the coolest ever. Seriously! What an awesome idea :)

Kellee said...

This is such a wonderful idea! Love it!

Kjrsten said...

this is awesome Kim! wish I knew someone to nominate! :)