Friday, September 24, 2010

Never ending summer.

Aren't you loving this never ending summer? (At least here in Utah it is staying blissfully warm.) I like it like that. Where there is just the teensiest bit of chill in the morning and in the evening that is letting you know fall is on its way. But, it can take it's time.

Some photos from the past few weeks.

All taken on a Yashica Mat24G the SUPER close up ones were with the CRAPPIEST close up filters I have ever seen. I swear they are made of plastic or something. The film? Some OLD Kodak Portra 400NC I got from THE Ryan Muirhead. His work is should check it out. Anyway, the older film gets the more whack the color is. Hence why these look so...well, whack. But all is well, I love them all, for their plastic-lensy feel and for the subjects. I think they turned out beautifully and truly express how I am feeling these days. Like the summer, I never want these days to end.

Hope you all have a BLISSFUL weekend. I have an amazing session in the morning and then I am free to spend it with the ones I love. Hope you can too.



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